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You've Been Appointed, Now Rout The Enemy From Your Land!

The Lord commissioned you to a new assignment. It didn’t take long to feel the full weight of responsibility, which left you wondering if the Lord missed it!

Today the Lord confirms that you are the right person for the job. Trust in Him, and what you have learned. As you apply yourself, the pieces will fall into place, and you will rout the enemy and stand victorious!

Ending Note:

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You've Been Appointed, Now Rout The Enemy From Your Land!

By Eloise Flanders

2023 is the year of promise and to take land, this Prophetic Word is your reminder of that!

This word is for you if you have been appointed a new assignment. The Lord chose you to take a huge responsibility. You seem unqualified to take on this job. The Lord appointed you to this mission. Do not doubt, the Lord has already set you up for this undertaking. What stands in your way are these old systems and structures.

"My child, my word has gone out, and my plan is clear. Your first line of duty is to take goliath down. It’s a stepping stone to where you need to go.

Be courageous and stand against the opposition. The enemy will not hesitate to come against you. Pay no heed to his taunting. Take up your weapon and take him out.

I have anointed you. I am arranging the circumstances and the people to rally with you along the way. This is a promotion. Create a plan, activate your faith, and claim it.

The enemy will not hand you the deed to the land. He plans to steal it from you. The attacks are to invade your land and take you out. Be bold, and do not back down.

You need to travail for this promise. With every battle you win, you gain ground. You will gain wisdom and another piece of the structure to replace the one you will tear down.

This is the first of many wars. See that I have laid out the plan for you. Clear out the old mandate. See the land ahead, believe it, and get it, says the Lord."

Thanks for reading!

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