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Forget the Distractions, Take the Land!

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The Lord gave you your orders, but along the way, you lost focus. Whatever the reason, you need to get back on track. The Lord has positioned you, and many others by their abilities and grace. When you do your part, they can do theirs. So, get moving and take the land before you!

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Forget The Distractions, Take The Land!

By Bethany Sealy


Today's Prophetic Word is a call to focus, to ignore the distractions limiting you from your call!

This word is for prophets who received the call to war but are distracted by wounds they see around them.

Today, the Lord showed me His prophets on the battlefield, running in different directions. They appear panicked as they search through the rubble, accessing injuries.

These warriors are not afraid but frazzled. Each was given a set of battle plans to fight, but in the chaos of the battle, they lost sight of their goal.

The Lord says,

"Take out the enemy. Take out the one standing in your way. Don’t worry over every soldier who takes a hit. Worry about the enemy stopping you from reaching My people. Who is your target? Who is your enemy? If you get distracted by every need and injury you see, you're ineffective in your pursuit.

Focus your eyes on the one thing I’ve called you to. Do not run around My battlefield in panic and distress, but look up and see that I am directing you at every turn. Run toward the enemy who stands between you and your victory. I have set the battle in motion, and I am calling you to war. So take up the sword, and put down the medical kit. You are not healing every wound in this season, you are taking back My land.

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