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About The Daily Prophetic Word


Meet the Prophets Seeking the Lord for You

Apostles Craig and Colette have personally invested and trained each one the team members that you will no doubt get to know and love. Whether you are receiving training from one of their 4 children who are the newest and fired up generation to serve the Lord or one of their spiritual children who have received everything they have to offer and added to it - you are going to be fitted with the perfect trainer for you.

We have a global mindset and our international team is made up of fivefold ministers from South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, the United States and Mexico. You must see what our Thanksgiving dinner looks like! Your mandate, vision and call is as important to us as it is to you. Our passion is to help you discover your call, equip you and then to release you, with impartation, to see you walk it out.

Our Associated Ministries and Organizations

Our mandate is to parent and coach prophets internationally. We give you sanctuary. We accelerate your prophetic process. We confirm your call. Above all, we remind you that your training is not in vain.

Image by Dylan Gillis

Few understand what it means to be called God’s prophet. We do. You'll have a fire in your heart that burns to see change. We know that your fire doesn’t always come out nicely. Welcome prophet, you are not alone in your black and white way of thinking.

God has called you to serve His people. You have a burning call to equip the saints and to create an inheritance that will affect generations to come. In order for you to do that, you need to get trained in your Fivefold Ministry Office and learn to work with others in the fivefold ministry.

Reading a Book

Our mandate is to accelerate your
prophetic process today. 
You're a NextGen Prophet!
This means you are not defined by age or culture, but by your desire to change the world!

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