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Be The Lord's Lighthouse For Those Facing Their Darkest Hour!

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

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"The LORD is near to the broken-hearted; and saves those who are of a contrite spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him out of them all." - Psalm 34:18-19

One life-shattering event can leave you with many questions. I have seen people make wrong choices in those moments and never recover. It’s during these times you need the Lord more than ever! It’s His voice that will get you through to complete recovery.

I want to challenge you today to not only see yourself. Others are facing their darkest hour. Allow Jesus to shine through you, to steer them to their complete healing.

Ending Note:

Did you know the Lord uses circumstances to heal? If you keep facing a similar set of events, it could be the Lord is opening a way to overcome your past hurts through circumstantial healing… Colette’s teaching will set you free


Be The Lord's Lighthouse For Those Facing Their Darkest Hour!

By Apostle Craig Toach


Today's Prophetic Word is for everyone who has gone through a life-shaking and don't know what's coming next.

This word goes out to all those who have faced a life-shattering situation. Today He wants to comfort you. He wants you to know how much He loves you, as He reaches out His hand to you today.

"My Child, I know the heartache you face, I was with you every moment. I know you try to reconcile why happened, but child this will not stop the pain you face.

Today I reach out my hand to come away with me. From all that troubles you. I call you to the secret place, to be along with you. It’s the quiet I will begin to heal you. Let me start you off right on this journey to your healing.

The enemy tried to sift you as wheat, yet you still stand. You are shaken and bruised, yet you stand. You are stronger than you think because you have my DNA. Death could not hold me, that the DNA that courses through your veins.

Take your moment to hurt and reflect. Then raise up in my DNA and route the enemy of your land. His attack was to put you down to gain the upper hand. Now’s the time to take my weapons, stand in my authority, and that your Goliath down. Turn this attack into an opportunity to raise up stronger than before with me. Together we will overcome the heartache so you can stand strong for those who need you in their darkest hour. I call you to be my lighthouse in the darkness!"


Start a journaling journey.

  1. Go and listen to this podcast on journaling...

  2. Daily, or every time you feel hurt, take a moment to journal.

  3. Remember… Don’t rush the journal, give the Lord all the time to speak and give you direction.

  4. Weekly read over your journals to make sure you have not missed a step.

  5. Teach someone these steps to help them.

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