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Spiritual Forecast Report April 1st

The TMI Prayer Wall - Where The Future Church Is Born.

A prayer report from TMI Prayer Warriors.

“No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house.” - James 5:15

A life devoted to ministry means a life built on the altar, and that altar can be very public.

Ministry training often begins in hiddenness for a season of transformation. But you cannot remain hidden forever. You are a lamp, meant to be put out for all to see.

This week the prophets call you out of your place of security. It’s time to be positioned as a lamp in the darkness.

These were the main themes picked up by intercessors:

  • The Call to Transformation and Release Into the Spotlight

  • You Are Not Alone - You Are Tribe

  • Toxic Relationships - Know When It’s Time to Cut it Off

The Call To Transformation And Release Into The Spotlight

“John grew up and became strong in spirit. And he lived in the wilderness until he began his public ministry to Israel.” - Luke 1:80

Most people complain about the wilderness season. You have limited reach with few ministry opportunities, and only a few come to hear your message. You’d think people would be eager to leave, but many find security in the wilderness.

In the public, there is scrutiny, the Pharisees, judgment, and persecution. Within the public lies a brood of vipers, but it’s also where the world changes. For those prepared, God says, "I transformed you to be a light in the darkness."

Time to step into the limelight:

“I called the prophets out of the wilderness and to stand in their authority in Christ. The Lord set each one into position, in their rightful place. I opened the doors to launch them forward in their call. I spoke to every attack against their minds and commanded the storm to come to peace." - Nicholas O., Oklahoma, USA

“I saw a vision of a skilled barber. There was a line with many waiting to receive their transformation. When he finished, all admired his masterpiece. Then the next person stepped up for their turn. But they all knew that once the barber did his job, they must act with the new image they'd received. I spent time, at this moment, interceding for their transition.- Delene V. W., Hungary, Europe

You Are Not Alone - You Are Tribe

Prophets have a contradictory complex.

We crave connection with others because the road we’ve walked has been lonely. But, we’ve been alone for so long, we don’t know how to work with others.

Yet, at the core of every prophet is the need to belong. Prophets thrive as part of a tribe, just as lions thrive in pride. We are most effective and satisfied on a team and in a tribe.

This week, intercessors call prophets out of solitude to join their rightful team:

"I saw a vision of a team on the beach. The winds picked up and began to blow from every direction. The team had to grab their belongings and run to safety. I could see the sky grow darker and winds swirling from every direction. I called the team to unite under this covering as they moved in together. There was no protection from the winds,, but there was safety in unity. I called each one to link arms and band together as one.” - Bethany S., Alabama, USA

“To the prophets in the wilderness - You will no longer wander. You will not be alone. You will stand firm in your authority. I speak to the mountain of doubt and command it ripped out by its roots. You must stand and walk in the fullness of your call.” - Nicholas O., Oklahoma, USA

Toxic Relationships - Know When It’s Time To Cut It Off

Not all toxic people need to be cut off from your life. Besides, aren’t we all toxic in some way or form? God will even position toxic people in our lives so that we can grow stronger.

But, when you keep relationships that are toxic to your mandate, that’s a problem! God will bring separation to these relationships.

Relationships established by the enemy will steal your time and resources while stunting the growth of your ministry. They don’t just steal from you, they steal opportunities from everyone around you. They cause your sword to dull on the battlefield.

This week, intercessors pick up the burden to sever ties that are toxic to God’s assignments. Stop letting the enemy steal from God’s people.

Here are a couple of prayer reports from the TMI Prayer Warriors:

“I open your eyes to see the works of the enemy in your midst. I reveal his strategies because the enemy is seeking to tear down your ministry. Rise and call these relationships into line. I expose the enemy and his tricks to hinder and divide My people. I commanded the spirit of strife, confusion, vain, glory, and pride to go back to the pit of hell! I used my sword to cut down all the attacks against families. I severed relationships that were being separated in this season.” - Tiffany B., Montana, USA

“In the spirit, I saw these vacuum attachments where people would come and suck the anointing and life out of her. I removed these attachments and called in new relationships. I called in the givers. I cut away every hindrance to these relationships being formed. I organized every step in line with these relationships forming. I called these giving hearts to step out, and I saw how each one had a small treasure to share, a small gold heart.” - Bethany S., Alabama, USA

End Note:

In all our pursuits, let’s tend to the mandates and assignments God has given us. We don't go through trials and transformations for ourselves, but so we may help others.

God reminds us to not let anything stand in the way of that pursuit. Our eyes must always be on Him. We can’t let the enemy plant toxic relationships in our lives and allow them to hinder God's work.

We also cannot stay in the wilderness, because we’re scared of the spotlight.

We must do what is uncomfortable. We must go where we don't want to go, so we can reach the ones we're called to reach.

This week, God says to us, “Be courageous.”

Signing off - Your Spiritual Weather Girl,

Chaifa Berry

Next Gen Prophets

Toach Ministries International

Thanks for reading!

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