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This Is Why That Relationship Had To Go

You’re called and favored of God. It comes with a price though. Gideon upset his family when he tore down their idol. Perhaps you relate. If so, know that God sees the price you pay. You have a grace for spiritual warfare. Allow this word to impart a new piece of spiritual armor. You are not alone in this process. It’s part and parcel of your mandate!

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This Is Why That Relationship Had To Go

By Nathan Berry

Today's Word is for the Gideon's who are finding themselves in new environments and are unsure why!

Gideon, You're Anointed To Lead God's Army

You've asked the Lord, "Why the sudden shift in relationships? What's with the new environment you've moved me to? Why couldn't I stay where I was?" God shifted you because He's setting you up to teach you strategies and lead you to win battles for coming generations. You're chosen to lead God's army!

Calling Out The Gideon Prophets!

“Don’t allow the enemy to catch you unawares. He’s busy devising a plan to slow you down. Attack him now while he is planning. Don’t give him time to organize strategic plans to cause you to fold. Don’t wait and play defense. Gain the upper hand.

Be first on the battlefield. Go now and strike, my child! I have given you victory over the curses of your previous generations. I’ve given you the power to put an end to the idols, rebellion, fear, and oppression. In your overcoming of this battle, you open doors of favor for coming generations. The enemy’s strongholds and disfavor will be put to an end.

Your Victory Will Seat Me On The Throne

I’ve equipped you for battle. I’ve arranged the circumstances for your victory. I’ve shifted and aligned relationships that will aid your success. Now, pick up your sword. Go onto the battlefield and slay the enemy. Go into his holes and draw him out. Don’t allow him to settle for one minute.

Renew your mind. Walk in the new circles and relationships I’ve brought you. Learn new perspectives that shatter the barriers that held you down. As you do this, you displace the home the enemy has built for himself in your mind and environment. I’m here to lead you into battle for one purpose - that you might seat me on the throne of both your life and the coming generations. Then my kingdom will come," says the Lord.


1: Get the Strategies of War - Battle Plans for the Modern Day Christian eBook by Apostle Colette Toach -

2: Read the book.

3: Build and displace the enemy!

By the end of this book, you'll hold the keys and principles necessary to tear down enemy towers and build some strongholds of your own on the enemy's land. Get up, kingdom warrior! Put your strategy together. Strike! Possess the land for the coming generations.

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