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Stay In The Fire!

Be loyal. That’s all God asks for you today. When you hold yourself to an unrealistic level of perfection, you’re headed for disappointment. God isn’t asking for perfection today though. He’s asking you to stay in the fire. Be loyal. Stick it out. I know it feels unfair but you don’t see what God’s doing behind the scenes.

Jessica Toach is a marketplace minister and this word carries a heavy anointing for others called to the workplace. Receive this impartation!

Ending Note:

A huge hello from South Africa! God is moving! Keep up with us on our Community of Apostles and Prophets!

Stay In The Fire!

By Jessica Toach

Today's Word is for the marketplace ministers feeling the pressure growing all around them, stick it through!

Unfair pressure is being put on you by your worldly boss. There is war within yourself. You are asking God for an escape from the pressure. God has heard your cries and this is His reply. He wants you to know pressures will not crush you.

"As I positioned Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Babylon. So I am placing you. Do not fight this situation for I have placed you to find favor my child. Do not be afraid to stand out to ask for favor and to remain unmoving in my grace. - Daniel 1

My child I put you in this environment so that you can make a difference in my name. As you stand I will protect you from the flames and lions that are before you. Do not fear the threats of the enemy and do not bow to the opposition but remain strong.

Be bold and unashamed for as you stand in my name miracles will take place and the doors will swing open. So yes there are trials at this moment, but these traits will give way to my miracle handing moving on my behalf.

Be loyal to me and I will be loyal to you and the work you do in my name. You do not have to fear the trials and opposition for I have already shut the mouths of the lions. For the roaring fire will not come near you. For my work is not over with you. It has only begun."

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