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Pastor, I'm Calling You Out of Your Wilderness, Into Abundance

Your wilderness taught you a few things. You learned the lessons and now it’s time to get back into the saddle! Perhaps you’ve wrestled with God over the state of your church. You’ve prayed for rain and you got ravens.

Well, today I want you to know that God has heard your cry! He has answered your prayers! The word below is a call out of the wilderness. Allow it to be a decree in your ministry. Allow it to bring the much-needed rain to your church!

If you shut the doors of your church for a season in the wilderness, then this word is for you! God is saying... it’s time to open the doors again. It’s time to prepare for rain!

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Pastor, I'm Calling You Out of Your Wilderness, Into Abundance

By Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Today's word is for pastors seeking release from the wilderness. This barren season is coming to an end!

As I sought the Lord for a word, He told me He had a word for His pastors. I saw you surrounded by barren wilderness. Your lips were chapped from lack of water, and your face was gaunt from lack of food.

You scavenged the dry ground for every drop of water and fresh fruit you could find before eating a few bites. Just enough to refuel before giving the rest to the Children of God in your care.

Then, I heard the Lord say, "I've called you out of the wilderness. Leave behind your barren land, filled with the fruits of your labor. I've fed the ravens of the air. I've clothed the lilies of the valley, and I've promised you the promised land.

You can't bring the old season with you. So, let go of your doctrines. Let go of your structures. Let go of how you used to do church. I have a new blueprint for you.

I prepared wells of living water for you. They'll refresh your soul with their depths and their cold waters. I organized banquet tables with bountiful provisions. Each bite will fill your spirit and anoint you with power.

You've hungered long enough. Allow me to provide for you and the children I placed in your care. I'll give you your daily bread. I'll pour into you a daily impartation of oil.

My only condition is for you to daily receive the new pattern I have for you. Daily, I'll impart to you your next step of obedience. I'll give you one schematic of the blueprint each time you seek me."

As the Lord spoke, I watched you transform. Your hair became full. Your face became round and plump. Your arms strengthened, and your legs swelled with power.

God's promise is for you to lack for nothing. Believe Him. Seek Him out each day for your promised bread. As you do, God will build and fill up your storehouse to overflow.

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