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It's Time To Establish Your Vision

Your vision did not come overnight. It’s taken you years of seeking the Lord, and documenting. You’ve had success and failure that help you remove the dross. All the while waiting on the Lord for His release.

Today, He calls you out of the wilderness and to build. Take your vision and make it a reality!

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It's Time To Establish Your Vision

By Nathan Berry

Today's Word is for the Apostle standing on the threshold of their calling. Step forward!

This word is for you, apostle. You went through the wilderness. You spent time laying the foundation of your ministry. You worked on the relationships you needed to. You have the blueprint and protocols in place that I gave you. You have a team that you can build with. Now, you've been asking God what to do next. Pay attention because this is your next word of instruction from the Father.

Position Your Team And Build

“The time is now for you to be seen. The time to sit in the background is over. You can no longer remain in the comfort of the wilderness. Take the vision that I've given you and build. You already have the blueprint. You have the structure and protocols in place.

My people wait for you to step forward and lead them. It's time to position each one of your team in line with the vision I gave you. Put them in the areas where you know I've given them the grace to excel in. Place them where they will be effective in building my kingdom."

This Is Your Year To Fulfill My Plan

"No longer suffer long with those that directly push against the position you have put them in to build. If they cannot work with you, they will work against you. Even more, they will work against my plan and timing to establish the piece of my kingdom that I've given you to establish in this earth.

Go forward, my child. Be strong and courageous. Do not allow the rebuffs or the circumstantial misalignments to distract you from pressing in and completing the task I've given you. This is the year I will help you to finish what I gave you to start", says the Lord.


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