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I Know The Price You Paid And I Appreciate You

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I asked the Lord why He never warned me about how much it would hurt. The greatest wounds I’ve experienced in ministry are when I’ve loved and invested in someone, for them to reject me and stab me in the back. So I complained. “Why didn’t you warn me, Jesus?” He said, “Because if I did, you wouldn’t have mentored them!” We often look at our failures as avoidable. What if, that mistake... wasn’t a mistake at all? What if it was God’s perfect plan to position you? Today, I know better than to ask God that question again. 🙂 The lessons I teach today were conceived in my pain. They gave me solutions for you and many others just like you. So I do complain every so often, but I also thank Jesus for taking the time to train me! I get you - it's NOT easy! God gives the easy stuff to others. He gives the tough stuff to those He can trust. He trusts YOU! Love and blessings, Colette Toach Ministry News from the Toaches Catch me tomorrow on our live stream to find out if you’re a Deborah prophet. There are 9 prophetic types and we’re here to position you. Knowing your type brings focus. The trials make sense. Join us here:

If you've been wondering if your call is worth it, then today's prophetic word is for you! by Denise Jordan

In prayer, the Lord showed me a vision. Sweat dripping from their brow, this warrior is in travail. They’re facing a crossroads. To the left, the path is well lit. The twists and turns, and ups and downs are visible. Even the final destination gleams in the distance. To the right, the path is overgrown with weeds. Even though it’s not dark, the light on this path is dimmer. The final destination is invisible.

This warrior experiences a tug of war within. In their hearts they know God's calling them to take the path to the right. They can feel the Holy Spirit drawing them. Yet, they’re struggling. If this is you, God has a word for you today: “My child, come and sit on My lap for a moment. I understand your travail. I faced a similar situation before I took the path to the cross. I sweat blood, and pleaded with My Father to let this suffering pass, yet, I knew this was the right choice to make. When I was in this travail, I saw you. I knew I’d have to pay a heavy price and it would be painful. But, when I saw you and the life that you could live because of My sacrifice, I overcame.

So, child, as you face this decision, do as I did, and see your purpose before your eyes. See the people on your path. Go deeper than the travail and discover why you’re drawn to the difficult road. Take time to discover the core of your purpose as you sit with Me. Then, allow Me to empower you to take the difficult path forward. For I know your heart, child. You desire to please Me. You want to serve Me with all your heart. Weigh the cost, and see the prize of the high calling before you. Then, choose knowing full and well what you’re giving up and what you’re gaining. For those who count the cost and deliberately choose to lose their lives for Me, will gain it. I’m with you every step of the way. I promise that you’ll never be alone even when the path becomes difficult to navigate. Find strength in the purpose for which I called you,” says the Lord. Have you heard about the Quest: Accept Your Prophetic Self yet? Join us at I know that this quest will help you with the travail you’re going through! See you there.

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