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Anchor Yourself In Jesus!

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"… When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him." - Isaiah 59:19

As a child, was I the only one, who would dig my feet deep into the sand, and lean into the wave, to counter the force that was about to hit me? Any mistake on my part would have me involuntarily heading back to the beach. However, when that wave peeled around me and left me standing strong… I felt invincible!

Today the Lord desires you, to stand strong against any storm. Let the Lord teach you to be anchored in Him and repel the enemy at every turn!

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Anchor Yourself In Jesus!

By Michael Velthusyen

Today's Word is here to bring peace to the prophets caught in chaotic circumstances!

As I brought you before the Lord, I saw a prophet, led by emotions and swayed left and right by the enemy. The Lord calls you to be like an anchor in a storm, to stand unmoved. Today the Lord says;

The Anchor In The Storm:

"Be like the anchor in the storm, unmoved by the enemy’s distractions and lies.

Embrace the times of pressure and of anointing, as they will continue to shape you and your mind. Listen to and follow my words - get used to my voice and allow Me to speak. My voice will come forth and be like the light shining in your path, guiding you and leading you forward. Look for the patterns and the notions I am giving you.

The storm will lead you to become what I need you to be - to equip and train you into a mighty warrior for Me. The enemy will come to distract you. But stand firm, as your anchor will plow into the soil. You will stand unmoved!

You Are Making Your Stand!

Be strong in the midst of the battles around you. You are my mighty warrior - taking ground and being all I called you to be. So, today - let your anchor drop into the ground and make your stand!"

Thanks for reading!

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