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Adapt To The Change Like A Boss!

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"Everything Has Its Time To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven: " - Ecclesiastes 3:1

It’s sometimes easier to read changes in the weather than it is to changes in the spirit. You feel something is up, but just cannot get the penny to drop as to what you need to do!

That’s because you are stuck. It’s time to change. What worked before will not succeed now. Adapt to your spiritual season change, to see your vision go to the next level of success.

Ending Note:

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Adapt To The Change Like A Boss!

By Anne Chen


Today's Prophetic Word is for everyone in a season of change, this is your call to adapt!

This word is for you if you feel pulled in a million different directions.

The Lord gave you a vision, a blueprint to build for His people. You faced many pressures intended to sway you off track, but you persevered. You feel a shift needs to happen, but many voices and needs shout for your attention. Don’t dig your heels in like you've done in the past. The Lord is calling you to Him to give you a new perspective.

"My child, the vision I gave you long ago is from Me. You nurtured it with every fiber of your being. You've been steadfast and I’m proud of what you built for my people.

But today, I want to give you something new. I want to impart a new understanding of what you see. The pressures aren’t coming from all sides, rather you see from an old perspective. Don't be swayed by those who seek your attention, but place your focus on Me.

Allow me to remove every remnant of the old season and exchange your perspective for Mine. I desire to give you new seeds to plant and new tools to work the ground. All you’ve done in the past prepared the ground for the harvest I want to produce.

So let go of the familiar tools. Come to Me with empty hands. I will equip you with new eyes, new tools, and a fresh vision to build. Don't look at the needs around you that clamor for your attention. Come to hear My small still voice calling to you. I am leading you and your sheep into a new season,” says the Lord.

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