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Turn Satan's Attack On Your Mind Into Victory And Unlock Doors

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

When Craig and I recorded our 200th podcast we knew it had to be something out of the box. As we prayed and our sponsors shared where God is using them, we decided to share on the marketplace prophet. This subject can go in so many directions! Some believe there is no place for the fivefold ministry in the workplace. Others believe that the only place for a believer at work is to evangelize the lost. However, God’s brought a new wind. He unveils a new mystery for us.

If you feel “restricted” to the marketplace, then this word is for you. You aren’t missing God! In fact, you are on the cutting edge of what He is doing in the Church. Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Once you have read the word, listen to our podcast and find out why your positioning is essential to the next move of God. Listen to Episode 200 here:

If God positioned you in the marketplace, then this Prophetic Word is For You! by Anja Sager

I picture Joseph sitting in prison, pondering over the dreams God had given him years before wondering if He had missed God. Child of God, the guilt, condemnation, and opposition you're facing aren't a sign that you missed God. It's warfare and today, God's calling you to pick up your sword and fight!

"Don't be fooled, My child. You don't face opposition and warfare because you're on the wrong track. The guilt and condemnation that's coming at you isn't a sign that you missed Me. It's the enemy's desperate try to get you to stop walking the road that I've placed you on. He's well aware of the danger to his kingdom that will unleash once My agents in the marketplace unlock the mystery I'm trying to show them.

Rise up, My child! Pick up the sword I've given you and shoulder your shield. Stand boldly and proclaim My will into the darkness. Shine My light and don't step down until you see the dawn break.

The message I've given you might not be heard on the rooftops but it's a message that'll change the systems of this world from the inside out. Rest assured that I've positioned you for a purpose and it's time to tear down the lies of the enemy that have made you question the very position you're standing in. You aren't doing too little. You aren't doing it wrong. You aren't misled.

You're where you need to be to blaze a trail for the next generation. So, rise and shine brightly. Keep tearing down the lies of the enemy in your life and in the lives of those around you and then move forward and unlock the closed doors that I've set before you," says the Lord.


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