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Your Marriage Is Worth Fighting For. Learn To Fight God's Way

Updated: May 21, 2022

This topic runs deep! Craig and I learned to fight with and through everything the devil threw at us. We overcame and I know that you can as well. You might not realize that your marital conflicts are a lot less about personal offense and more about demonic attack! I pray this word gives you hope! God has His hand on your marriage. He fights alongside you today! Love and blessings, Craig and Colette Toach

Are you facing warfare in your marriage? Then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Denise Jordan

When I prayed I saw a couple in a tug of war. Both husband and wife gritted their teeth with a pained look on their faces, determined not to let go. Skin was beginning to rip on their hands, and sweat dripping into their eyes.

The Lord’s heart is bleeding for them. He is devastated but compassionately reaching out to scoop them up into His big hand. If this is you, open your heart as God the Father answers your prayer:

“My beloved, today I’m here to stop this tug of war. The enemy has had his way long enough. He found a way to tear you apart, but, no more! Even though you’ve gritted your teeth and given license to the spirit of strife in your marriage, I’ve heard your prayers, and I’m rewarding your faith.

I’m lifting you up into My presence to gain My perspective on the war the enemy has had you fight. He’s tried to use the call I placed in each of your hearts to split you apart. He’s seasoned your passion for Me with his spirit of strife and therefore, you’ve been struggling to come to peace.

I’m waking you up this day, beloved. Note what’s been happening and look up to Me. I have clarity and direction for you. I yearn to pour My healing balm upon your hearts and marriage. Come to pace now, my dearest.

Lift up your bleeding hands to My chest so I may heal them. Lift your torn apart hearts and relationship to Me, so I may restore you. It’s not My will for you to be at war, but to be like the foxes Samson tied together to start a wildfire against the enemy. For indeed, what he sought to use against you for evil, I want to turn and use for good. You’re meant to work together, but each flowing in the grace I’ve bestowed upon you.

Discover the joy of your marriage afresh as you each settle into your place, and walk in the direction I’m calling you to. You’re each unique and neither of you is meant to be like the other. I desire a unique relationship with each of you. So, cultivate that separately, and cultivate your marriage with Me as the center pillar. Rise up now, and shake the kingdom of darkness connected by My love, and graced with My power,” says the Lord.

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