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A Word Of Confirmation For Your Apostolic Process

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

If you are called to be an apostle, I know you don't take it lightly. It's intimidating! It's a price to bear the weight of the church. Today you'll recognize how the Lord's prepared you. He brought you this far and will lead you further.

So come to peace. Recognize today that the Father's been shaping you. Your journey has purpose!

Love and blessings, Craig and Colette Toach

Apostles! If you are in the middle of your process, then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

As I was seeking the Lord He showed me a clear vision of Him leading a young child to His throne. The details etched into the golden staff leaning in the armrest looked alive, and sitting on red velvet seat was a crown of solid Gold with the juiciest looking apple I had ever seen beside it.

God told me this child was you, and as He led you to the throne room He said, "My child, one day you will sit upon this throne. You will carry the scepter in your hand and wear the crown upon your head." He then took the crown and placed it on your head. You wobbled at the weight of it, but stubbornly stood in place. The Lord chuckled and then handed you the staff. You struggled to stay standing, but before you could fall the Lord took the scepter from you and said;

"I'm a nurturing Father - one who knows how to give good gifts to His children and who will feed them good fruit. You see, My child, I've formed the relationships you have. I had a hand in every circumstance you faced, and I intend to use all of these things to build you up. I bring relationships for the buffeting of your flesh, and the circumstances for your character building.

For you are a vassal of honor, and so I must refine you. I must perfect your shape until it's without a fault, so that when the people look upon you, they see My prized possession and say, 'I see the workmanship of the master in you. Let's hear what you have to say.' I'll place a crown on your head and a scepter in your hand so they'll see My royal seal upon you with each step you take.

For I'm calling you to the apostolic ministry. I'm calling you to build My temple and put together the blueprints of My cities. I'll open doors for you that you thought would never open, and I'll prepare the way for you. However, you'll represent Me. You'll represent My culture and anointing. You won't go in your own image or authority. You'll stand as one born from My royal lineage.

This will require the shaping I spoke of. This will require sacrifice, time, and all that you have to give. I won't work on a part of you, I'll work on all of you. I'll refine your marriage, your family, your workplace, your ministry and every aspect of your life so that people will see the work of My hand in you and those doors will open before you."

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