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To the Davids Called to Serve Saul: God Has a Plan

Updated: May 20, 2022

If God has placed you under a "Saul" then I have a secret to share with you. Every apostle and prophetic leader I have worked with has gone through the same thing. It qualified them for their office. It's because you served under Saul that you qualify. This word is the direction you need. So to all my fellow "Davids" out there, lift your head up! This training qualifies you for leadership! Love and blessings Colette Toach

If you are wondering why you are under the leader you are, then this Prophetic Word is For You! by Dalton Beckering

While seeking the Lord, I saw how there were some of you who were asking the Lord about why you had to sit and obey the leaders you have been placed under. You were asking Him why they kept putting this unfair pressure on you or expecting more of you.

As you were saying this, the Lord showed me a vision of a soldier standing in front of you, holding a shield like an umbrella above your head. When I asked the Lord for His interpretation, He had this to say:

"Truly I say to you this day is Mine, and I have created every living thing for your benefit. This applies to the circumstantial pressures you are facing with your leader. I will work all things for My good and according to My plans, but in order to do so, I require you to follow the very specific instructions of the leaders I have placed over you. For I have placed these particular leaders over you to guard over your soul by relaying My instructions to you. You may not agree with how the instruction is presented or voiced, but make no mistake, I have placed you under their care because I need you to learn how to lead as a follower.

Lay aside your grumblings and obey with joy, with faith, and as unto Me. For it is in your submission that I will bring a change to your circumstances and life. You have asked Me for more and a greater portion of My Kingdom, and I will qualify you to carry that weight. I will empower you for the work I have commissioned you for through your servanthood. So, do not be so quick to run and do your own work, but complete the tasks given to you and be precise in your obedience.

How you obey and your willingness to serve as My prophet is what you shall be measured by. Prove your diligence in these tasks you have already been given, and then I shall reward you by evolving My instruction further."

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