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Don’t Allow Fear To Deter You From Your Mandate

Updated: May 20, 2022

It’s a pretty good sign when the enemy attacks. When this happens, he is showing his hand. He knows God is at work in your life. So when he comes with his lies meant to cripple your turn the tables on him! Stand firm in your conviction. Step forward and obey God! This word is going to fire up your weekend! Love and blessings Colette Toach

Are you ready to overcome the fear that hinders you? This Prophetic Word is For You! by Nathan Berry

My Child, Be Unashamed and Unapologetic!

This word is for you who's struggling to stand boldly in the image that God has made you to be. You have many regrets because of the mistakes that you have made. You look in the mirror and only see a mess, but cannot see the beauty of your Father's creation. God did not take so much time to perfectly make you, and carefully walk you through every dark valley in your life, just for you to keep your head hung in shame. You are the signet of the King and it is high time that you embrace this truth and act like it!

Within You Lies a Masterpiece "My child, I’m calling you to stand on your own two feet, in the boldness of what I’ve given you. Do not falter or fear. Do not stagger and stumble to stand up and look in the eyes of others. There is no need for you to be afraid to stand in confidence. Within you lies a masterpiece, the workmanship of My own hands. I have shaped you. I have forged you. I have moved in your circumstances and relationships. All this so that I might create a diamond that will show forth My glory. The process and healing I have taken you through was for one purpose: to heal others and to take them through their process.

You're Anointed to Set My People Free!

So again, My child, stand in boldness, unashamed and unapologetic of what I have given you. Praise Me for the journey that you have walked. Praise Me for the Red Seas that you’ve had to cross. Praise Me for the mountains that you’ve had to climb.

You have gone this route to be able to set My people on a clear road, giving them direction that will help them beget success in their lives. No longer will you look at the road you have walked with regret or sorrow. No longer will you look at your circumstances or your upbringing and think that you were underprivileged. You are not disadvantaged, My child. You are chosen. You are loved, and most importantly, you have been anointed to set My people free."

Praise Project:

1. Praise the Lord for every fear, insecurity, guilt, shame, and regret that you have.

2. See the Lord taking those things from you and keep praising until you see God show you your journey through His eyes and your faith in Him is greater than the work of the enemy.

As you do this project, you will notice that praise will remove the sting you feel, it will take away the enemy's power, and you will come out with a renewed faith and fresh perspective of who you are. You will see yourself through God's eyes and you will be ready to set free the oppressed.

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