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Become Confident in Who God Says You Are

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

I have said it before but I want to remind you again - you are beautifully and wonderfully made. Sure, like me, you got your quirks. There are some things that probably need fixing. Thing is - you keep trying to fix the wrong things! I pray this word sets you straight! Love and blessings, Colette Toach

If you have been feeling insecure than this prophetic word is for YOU! by Kelli Dorries

As I sat with the Lord to receive His words for you, He reminded me of a dream I had when I started my prophetic training. I was in the ocean with Jesus, and fishing lines were hanging from the pier. On one of those lines was a beautiful blue and yellow striped fish, and as I took it off the hook, it slipped away. When I tried to get it back, the Lord said, "Let it go!"

When I looked down, He was holding an ordinary fish, and He said, "These are the ones I want." We think we have to be and do more than what God created us to be, or called us to do. And so we strive to be perfect to be acceptable to man and ourselves to accomplish our callings. Yet, the Lord says to you: "I created you perfectly and wonderfully made you in My image for what I called you to do. The enemy has worked to cloud your eyes and take you down a path leading you away from Me, so you don't understand the beauty of your weakness that requires you to depend on Me. So many times, you have hit the wall thinking, what is wrong with me? The restlessness you feel is not of Me but what the enemy gives to you.

I have seen your struggles of who you think you need to be and watched you listen to what others say you are, but there is only one opinion that matters and belongs to Me. Let go of the expectations from man, the striving to be perfect, and what you want or need to be. My child, I have placed in you everything, even in your weakness, to accomplish what I've called you to do.

I want and desire the best for you. So, come and yield to Me and receive the peace you're seeking after because it's found in Me. Where the enemy has taken you off course and blocked you with insecurity and fear, I will remove the blockages and his work and give you a clear picture of who I say you are and set you on the straight path designed for you to walk on. I’ve given you specific strengths with gifts, talents, and tools, and where there is weakness, you will see the beauty of its design, and you will stand confident knowing My strength will see you through. My child, I want you just as I created you, perfectly and wonderfully made!"

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