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This One Thing Activates The Gifts God Has Given You

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Craig and I stepped up to the mic to teach on the suffering a prophet goes through. The Holy Spirit hi-jacked our meeting and clarified the point of it all. When we grieve correctly, our suffering unlocks our hearts. As a prophet, this holds the secret to God’s power. We can prophesy and teach but without love, we fail to fulfill our mandate. We left that podcast feeling filled up and convicted all at the same time. I know this word today will do that for you too. EMBRACE the secret to your gifts and anointing today! Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. At Liberty to Love and Healing the Broken Hearted are two messages I would like you to download. They are only $7 each, but their worth is immeasurable when you apply the principles.

If you're wondering why you aren't finding growth, then this prophetic word is for you! By Eloise Flanders

Have you been wondering, why is my ministry not growing? Why am I not seeing success at my workplace and at home? You went through training, you studied the Word, and you're ready to do the work.

There is one problem. All the principles and training you received are meaningless without agape love. The heart is not selective. A poisoned heart can't express the love of the Lord.

It would help if you took the time to heal. You need to be free from hurts from the past to walk in liberty to nourish God's people. The Lord says the secret to your success in life is LOVE. "I know your potential. I gave you the eyes to see what needs fixing and the tools to get it done. I can see that you're yearning to go out there and you have a lot to give. But, your heart is divided. I called you to lead My people with love. I have set you aside to receive healing and to place My DNA in you to cause a ripple effect everywhere you go. So stop fighting My hand.

It's not the enemy that is hindering you. It's you. Let go of the weight anchoring you to your past. Get rid of your ideas of what you think you need to do. It's My desire to bless others through you, My way. I did this to protect you. What good will all the principles be when taught in bitterness and strife? Give Me permission to remove the stain of sin and the imprint of hurt on your heart. When healing comes, trigger to hurt will end. Your feelings will not drive you forward but faith. Your words will come forth in power to heal and not in offense to destroy. My love activates the gifts in you to bring about change. It's the fragrance that attracts others to you for what you have to give. My love will activate the gifts in you to cut through the toughest hearts", says the Lord.

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