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You’ve Completed Your Assignment, Now Receive Something New

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

When the Lord closed the doors to our ministry center in San Diego, it hardly felt like a victory. We saw what ended, but the Lord saw what was just about to begin. That’s how it feels when you complete an assignment! Things slow down. What worked no longer works. Don’t be tempted during this time to think you failed. Not at all! In fact, you finished the race and now it’s time to run another. So let the old assignment go and hear your Father say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant!” Then, enter the Throne Room again to receive your new running shoes! Love and blessings, Colette Toach

Ministry News From the Toaches Craig and I have been in Springfield, Missouri the last couple days to attend the funeral of Dr. Steve Greene. It has been an emotional and healing time. It’s our first time to the Midwest. With each state He takes us to, He opens our eyes to see two sides of the American church. There's a church on fire for God. Then, there's a church that desperately needs revival. Our focus isn’t on what’s lacking. We're not here to judge those that are lukewarm. Rather, we're here to inspire those that are ignited so we can start a bonfire! It’s the only way to displace the lethargy! If you aren’t already on our network, now is a good time to connect!

If you find your calling to be a struggle, then this prophetic word is for you! by Anne Chen

When I sought the Lord for you, I saw a runner that found their stride. He was strong and ran like a well-oiled machine. While he ran, I noticed him wince in discomfort at times. No wonder his feet hurt! I looked down and saw his shoes had holes and were about to fall apart. When you have found your stride in ministry, it's a joy to run. But if you struggle, that doesn't always mean you need to push through. Sometimes that means you finished your assignment. God wants to give you new shoes and so much more to take on the new land and challenges He has planned for you. So seek the Lord and expect your circumstances to change!

"My child, you grew as you ran this race I set you to long ago. You overcame obstacles and pushed past your comfort zones to get stronger. You jumped over every hurdle in your way. You persevered and got back up each time you fell. I'm proud of you! Yet, you were never meant to run the same race forever. If your feet have started to hurt, it's not because of weakness. It's because you need new shoes! It's time for you to receive from me afresh. I desire to give you new shoes, new clothes, and new challenges for you to overcome. You've been faithful with little and so now, I entrust you with more.

So when your race takes a turn into something unexpected, don't be surprised or afraid. New doors will open and your circumstances will shift. Trust that you're ready for every new challenge because they come from Me. You're well prepared for what's ahead.

So rejoice! Lift your eyes to Me and open your hands with anticipation. I'll equip you with tools and weapons for every new circumstance. I positioned you to shine in each place you trained and excelled. You're ready to take the land that I will open to you. Get ready for the new race and land you prayed for. You're what my people need. Keep your eyes on Me and continue to run forward with My strength and joy."

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