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Who Told You That You Couldn’t Do It?!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

If ever you want unwanted advice, take your baby into public!

Suddenly everyone has parenting counsel for you. What always made me chuckle was the “I’m just trying to help” advice from couples without kids! It’s the same with ministry vision. Those who don’t have vision try to steer yours to the point where you doubt yourself.

Today’s word gives you the permission to believe what God told you! It will remind you of why God gave you this assignment and what makes you uniquely qualified for it! Love and blessings Colette Toach

This is a word for those who feel they have to be stronger or wiser in order to fulfill the plan God has for them. by Nathan Berry

You've heard the enemy's lies for so long that you just don't believe you can accomplish what God has asked of you anymore. Nonsense. If God wasn't going to empower you for the task before you, He wouldn't have given you the task in the first place. Listen to these words and allow them to strengthen you for the journey ahead.

You're Anointed and Capable

“My child, who told you that you couldn't do the work that I gave you to do? You're more capable than you think you are. You're anointed to walk in the purpose that I've destined for you. Stop listening to the voices that tell you you're not smart enough.

No longer dwell on the comments or the thoughts that you don’t have the right tools for this job. Whatever tools you need, I'll order your steps to receive them. Whatever wisdom you need, I'll give it to you. Whatever connections you need, I'll send them your way. You just do this one thing: walk in obedience to the calling I've confirmed on your life.

Do the Work I've Commissioned You to Do

Why do you try so hard to see results praying for those who are physically sick, when I've asked you to pray for those who need inner healing? Why do you strive to see My power move behind the pulpit, when I've commissioned you to see My glory come in your workplace?

It's time to walk out the commission I've given you. It's time to do as you've been commanded. No longer push in the direction that you feel is best. Don't do what seems comfortable or right for you to do. Do the work that I've commissioned you to do and watch as My power comes upon your life and circumstances", says the Lord.


Need an extra faith booster? Get your hands on the message - Progressive Faith - The Power to Make Things Happen — Toach Ministries International

Once you have listened to this message, your faith will be fully loaded like an automatic firearm. You'll be ready to hit the targets before you and begin to see results.

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