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This Is God’s Direction For Your Next Step

Updated: May 20, 2022

Take that step! This word will impart fire for your journey. The Lord is about to open new doors. He has trained you for war. You are stronger than you realize. So do not be swayed by the opposition. Rather, take another leap forward. Love and blessings, Colette Toach

If you’ve begun to doubt if you heard God, then the prophetic word today will set you straight. by Eloise Flanders

I went on the wall for you today and the warfare was intense. I saw the enemy coming at you from every side. He is throwing his best shot, and his weapon of choice is your mind. What you do not realize is that all his efforts are to get you off track. His plan is to slow you down long enough that you begin to lose hope. He wants to flood your mind with doubt.

Although the road ahead is unfamiliar, the Lord desires that you trust your every move to Him. You are hesitant because you do not have the full picture. You look at what you have in your hand. You have allowed the enemy's tactics to cloud your mind causing you to think that you do not have what it takes to begin on this journey. Just like Moses, you have all these excuses of why you are unfit for the tasks assigned to you. Today, the Lord is calling you to obedience. He's saying to you: "I know you do not have all the answers. I never expected that of you. I did not put you on this track because you have all you need. I designed this particular path because you are limited. You do not know where this road is leading to, but you know it is the right one to take. You have questions and there is uncertainty roaming through your mind. Have I not told you that I will make a way for you? So, why do you stand still in fear of all the things you do not have right now? With every step of obedience, you will see that I have already prepared your next move.

There is nothing I have not thought about concerning you. Your every step is ordered by Me and I will even redirect your missteps. So, take this step of faith with what you have and I will do the rest. Your obedience is your compass. The path is straight and narrow for a reason. You can't be confused as to which path you should take because it is already outlined for you. I purposed it that way so you can rely solely on Me and not on what you think you need.

Take nothing with you. This is Me teaching you to trust your life and needs in My care. Just like I navigated My children through the wilderness into the Promised Land so will I lead you, too. There is much fun and adventure that awaits you, My child. Get familiar with My voice directing your path. Get used to Me providing your every need. With childlike faith approach the journey knowing that I will protect you. My plan for you is always good even when the enemy throws obstacles your way. The only way you will be outside of My will, is if you chose not to walk in obedience to My voice," says the Lord.

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