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You’re Juggling So Many Things. It’s Time To Let God Take Over

Updated: May 20, 2022

Boy did this word minister to me today! I know it will do the same to you. As a parent, I try to take on more than I should. Before long, I’m tired and frustrated. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, give these cares to the Lord. He will tell you which ones to pick up and which ones to let go! Love and blessings Colette Toach

If you're struggling to give God control, then this Prophetic Word is for YOU! by Chaifa Berry

When I came to the Lord to get a word for you, I saw a person juggling 5 - 6 balls. He had sweat on his brows and looked tired. The juggling took all of his focus and he could not look away for even a second. Although he was maintaining all the balls in the air, it was clear that he was going to drop the balls at any moment.

Are there any areas in your life where you feel like this juggler? God has a message for you. He wants to give you rest from all your juggling today. You are not meant to hold it together. Sometimes, you have to let it fall apart.

"Come back under My covering, My child, and I will shield you from the enemy's chaos. For every time you try and fix your circumstances on your own, you step out of My protection and are met with warfare. It is not for you to juggle every person, every conflict, and every problem in your life. You cannot hold the world up with your own hands and give solutions made by your own flesh. Indeed, sometimes the storm must come, so that a weakness in your circumstances can be exposed. In doing so, I reveal the source of the problem, and in turn I can come in to bring change. Yet, if you always jump in to fix it and hold it together, how can I bring My power to your situation, your relationships, and every realm you hold dear?

Simply give Me the pretty picture that you're trying so hard to keep together. Let it go! Let it fall to pieces onto the ground. I will give you My picture to hang onto and hope for your future. For your sight is limited and the picture you are gripping with all of your strength, does not compare to the picture I have for your future.

You only see with your limited understanding, but I know what I have ahead of you. I am setting you up to succeed. For when you let go and give Me control, you will receive rest. You will receive peace and will see the start of a beautiful future that I am preparing for you.

My child, give Me license by letting go and then you will see Me work miracles. Where do you have need of a miracle? Is it in your relationships; in your finances; or in your ministry? I can turn around every situation for your good. I can make a way in the desert. I can give you water out of a rock. There is nothing I can't do," says the Lord.

Personal Project:

1. In what areas in your life, do you feel like the juggler in the vision?

2. Identify what you are afraid of. Why do you feel that you cannot "drop" the ball?

3. Take that fear, and face it! What would happen if it came to pass?

4. Once you've faced that fear, make a list of how God can use it for your good!

5. Give God control, and let Him know that if your worst fear happens, it happens. But, you cannot continue to hold it together.

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