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This Field Is Barren! LET IT GO!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I had an orchid plant that refused to bloom again. Yet, there it sat on my dresser. It sat in the same spot for nearly two years. Every day I looked at it, hoping, wishing it would blossom. I refused to admit defeat! There was something inside of me that just wanted to KEEP HOPING! One afternoon Craig returned home with a brand new orchid plant in full bloom. I had to admit a truth - the old one was dead. It was never going to bear flowers again. It was easy to let go with the new plant in hand. Today, the Lord comes with the same gift! He has a new land for you, but first, you need to let go of the old! Love and blessings, Colette Toach

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Today's word is for those who have been working in an old field. by Michael Velthuysen

Today, the Lord says:

The Old Season Is Over - Embrace the New!

“My children, rise up! Rise up and pick up your spades once again. You’ve lost the focus I gave you. Why are you walking aimlessly in the fields that the sun-scorched? The ground you’re standing on won’t grow fruit again. So, today, I’m coming to take you from one field to the next so you can begin the new work I have for you, My children.

I’m calling you to till the ground with the tools I’ve given you. This will be a season of hard work! I’ll give you the strength to carry on. I’ll give you food and water so you won’t hunger or thirst. My children, take this field and I promise you the more you work it, the greater the harvest will be. The old season is dead, but the new has been born. So, rise up now and take this land!

Build Using God’s Bricks!

My children, this is My hand working in your lives. I see you’re ready to build the city on the hill. I’m instilling in each of you a brick that can build that city in this new field! And so each person shall plant their brick on this solid ground.

My child, build and work this land so that you may reap a healthy harvest! Invest and the fruit you eat will be of great taste! This is My plan for you, My children.”

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