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Don’t Allow The Anointing To Go Dry - Do This To Top Up!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I had two primal fears every time I stood to preach. The first was, “Am I boring?” The second was, “Is this message anointed?” I stood to preach in fear and trembling. I asked myself, “Will Jesus show up?” Then He taught me that if I walk in obedience and allow Him to top me up, I would never run dry. He showed me that He was my trainer! I never needed to fear because before I stood up, He had already imparted what I needed. May this word assure you of what God’s doing in your life today. Love and blessings, Colette Toach

Ministry News from the Toaches The Lord has given Craig and I the green light to have our annual Prophetic Mentorship Program! To celebrate, our team is organizing a quest to help you accept your prophetic identity! What prophetic type are YOU? I'll send you a video update soon.

This word is for you if you feel stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do. by Chaifa Berry

You cannot fill a cup that's already full. It’s the same concept when it comes to receiving new wine from the Lord. You must empty yourself of the knowledge you have and come to Him as a little child. It’s when you know nothing, that He can teach you something new. God says to empty yourself.

“My child, I’ve changed your environment and your circumstances, so that I can teach you something new. There's nothing familiar you can glean from, so stop searching for the familiar. I set it up that way. Don't try and dig out solutions from the past, because they will not work. You cannot take with you old experiences on this new road. Instead, come to me as a child, as if you have no previous experience. From that point of emptiness, I can fill you up and teach you new concepts you didn’t know. Just as I called Abraham out of his nation and his father’s house, so too do I set you apart, so that I can impart to you my DNA. It was because he left his comforts and his training, that I could create a new nation in him. He wandered the wilderness until a new identity formed in Him.

So too, as you let go of what you’ve known, there's a season of wandering. But, it doesn't last long, and when you come out, child, you come out with power and anointing. You walk with a new grace that outshines the glory from your past. I have new wine for you, my child. As you come empty, I will fill you up," says the Lord. Amen. Project: How to Move From Glory to Glory

  1. Identify a new circumstance that God has put you in. (i.e. a new job, a new relationship, or a leadership position in ministry)

  2. What experience do you bring to the table?

  3. Put it on the altar, as if this new “position” was your first day on the job (because it is).

  4. For 7 days, at the end of each day, identify a new idea that God taught you.

  5. Does this new idea challenge your old ways?

  6. Identify the old and choose to embrace the new.

Check out for more!

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