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You’re Called As A Watchman On The Wall

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Spiritual warfare should be deliberate. The worst thing we can do is wait for the fight to come to us. When God positions you as a watchman on the wall, He intends for you to be on the offensive! Don’t wait until things are bad before you pick up your sword. Pre-empt the work of the enemy! You have power in your words. So let them fly this week and disarm the enemy’s attacks in your life and in the lives of those you care about!

Love and blessings, Colette Toach Ministry News from the Toaches Thank you to everyone that sent wishes to Craig for Father’s Day. Last Sunday was his first Father’s Day away from home and away from all our family, so your tsunami of love came at a perfect time! For those who asked how to send gifts - CashApp: $CraigToach or

If you're under attack by the enemy, then today's prophetic word is for you! by Eloise Flanders

Sharpen your sword to take the enemy out! When the enemy comes up against you, use the word of God to send him packing and release the angels to work. Stand in your authority in Christ. The enemy must yield when God's word goes out of your mouth.

"My child, I've set you on the mountain to get that sniper view of the enemy's plans. Don't wait until the enemy has invaded the land to jump to action. You have the advantage to prevent his troops from gaining ground. Your call of duty is to protect and serve in your family, ministry, and workplace. Position yourself to gain intel against the enemy's schemes daily. Don't allow him to catch you, and those I've entrusted to you, off guard. You're the first line of defense against these attacks. My authority and word disarm the enemy time and time again. So stop throwing random words at him. See yourself seated in Me and he must bow.

As you position yourself, with the right words, with the target in sight, his plans will come crashing down. Don't doubt for a moment that the enemy doesn't know that when you stand in your authority he can never win. You have the upper hand, believe that you have victory every time. There's no battle you cannot win. But first, you need to sharpen your sword in the spirit. Get your sniper view and release my words as a force to take down the enemy", says the Lord. Practical Project:

  1. Where has the enemy been attacking time and time again?

  2. Identify where the open door is. Where has he been gaining access?

  3. Take back authority from the enemy and close those doors.

  4. Give the Lord license in those areas.

Write in and let us know how this goes.

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