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Man Of God, You’re Anointed And Today The Lord Calls You To A New Lineage

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Today's word is for all the Kingdom Men by Dalton Beckering

Man of God, the biggest lie the enemy ever told you, is that you're weak. He screams in your ear, “You're not strong enough!” He pushes on your emotions to make you feel like you don’t match up. That's his tactic to attack your masculinity.

But, it’s not your reality. No matter how weak you feel, you're still God’s anointed. You carry a built-in anointing to protect, love, and fight. This is your God-given identity. Own it. Let it sink in with this word from your heavenly Father.

“When I made you, you were made in My image. I didn’t stray from putting My power in you. You have authority to crush mountains and speak peace to the storm. You have My blessing. The work of your hands will prosper. But, the enemy has tried to separate us. He has tried to get you to rely on your strength instead of My power. He has played on your insecurities to get you to run from Me. But, I'm calling you back under My covering so we may continue in the relationship I developed.

I destroy the linage the enemy placed on you. I break the bondage he threw on your back. I'm your God. I'll protect you. I'll provide for you. But in turn, I require you to be strong for My people. You were made to be a pillar in My image. You were meant to bring structure and submit it to My authority.

Let go of the strength that weighs you down. Pick up your true strength. Your relationship with Me. Only then will you display My image of a man to the church. Only then will you release the authority I give you and displace the lies from the enemy. You are My son, and you'll uphold My standard in the earth. I bless you and give you My promise, that as you are strong for My people, I'll be strong for you. As you give your life to serve them, I'll indeed give you a life worth living. Take My word and represent Me.”

Project. 1. Face the thing that makes you feel weak. 2. Stand. 3. Pray to God for the needs of those around you. Let Him be your strength.

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