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The Enemy Plans To Raid Your Blessings But I've Got You Covered!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

We are at war! The best way to fight back is to recognize that the enemy cannot win. The promises of the Lord are yes and Amen. All the Lord requires of you today is to stand! Stand in faith. Stand against the enemy. Stand child of God! The enemy might come against you, but you have the host of heaven at your back! Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. Our new Kingdom Men and Kingdom Women's circles are hopping on our Community. Join to fellowship and collaborate with like-minded believers. Men join here: Ladies join here:

Are you tired of being blindsided by the enemy? Then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Eloise Flanders

Today the Lord showed me a game plan of your adversary. The Lord has great plans for you, and so does the enemy. The enemy mapped out detours that led to hopelessness. His plan of action is to raid you of God's promises. But all is not lost. In God's hand was a map with routes for every detour and rabbit hole the enemy had you take. His plan of action is to help you avoid further detours the enemy set up against you. In the Lord's hand, there was a plan for your success.

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them." - Ephesians 5:11 (NKJV)

The enemy is more desperate than ever to get you distracted. He feels the shaking and knows that the sons and daughters of the Lord are being positioned to take this world by storm. His tactic has never changed since the days of Adam and Eve. He will dangle shiny things to cause you to shift your focus from the promises of God and if that fails his next move is to use systems of this world to put pressure on you to cause roadblocks in your way.

Satan cannot stop the work of God, but he'll surely try to slow it down. Today, the Lord wants to remind you that He sees you and He knows what you are up against. He's saying to you:

"My promises are still yes and Amen. The enemy will come up against you, but you'll prevail over him. So, take your eyes off the pressure in your circumstances and fix them on Me, the author and finisher of your faith.

My dearest child, I'm not deaf to your plea. I'm not blind to see what the enemy has set up for you to fail. You've come this far because you have faith. As long as you maintained focus you had hope for the future. I gave you all that you needed to travail in the face of adversity. It isn't the weapons of your warfare that are failing you, neither is it your faith. You're standing on the wrong battlefield. You've allowed the enemy to bully you and position you on his battlefield. It's time to change the battleground.

Your strategy of fighting for your promised land has been to think things through. Have I not warned you that My ways aren't like yours and that My thoughts are much higher than your thoughts? So, why have you been going through this travail all on your own? I gave you the vision and I hid My plans in your heart. Now allow Me to give you the wisdom and game plan to gain territory. Come, sit next to Me so I can show you the enemy's plans and ways to navigate his attacks on your finances.

You have My word and you have My authority. Now you only need to change the battle plan. Take all your thoughts and desires and hand them over to Me. Allow Me to spark inspiration in you that will give the enemy a sucker punch he never saw coming. I've positioned you to not only win but to create a wave that others may ride on. The promise is the end result. You need My wisdom every step of the way to counteract the enemy's game plan.

My child, all is not lost. The enemy may think he got you right where he wants you. He may think that you've given up, but today I'm calling you out to stand. Come to peace with all the missteps you've taken along the way and trust that I'm able to redirect your path. It took some effort for the enemy to get you off course but all that's needed to gain victory is your willingness to get up and to try again.

It doesn't matter how many times you failed, I'm giving victory this day. So, leave your striving and regrets behind. Come take a look at My master plan. Gather your weapons and wipe away your tears. Take hold of My promise and stand on My battlefield. See that I've given you victory and the end game is undefeated. Know that I'm walking ahead of you and you will gain much more than the enemy has stolen from you."

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