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Kingdom Woman… It’s Time To Stand Up And FIGHT!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Today’s word is for all the Kingdom women. by Chaifa Berry

There's this misconception that Christian women are weak characters. They're doormats, who don’t have much of a voice, and always submit to what they're told.

That's a lie. He’s given you a sword and you belong in battle. You're to fight for your husband, for your children, for your family and friends. You hold a sword in your hand, bloody from battle. Kingdom women are leaders and they're warriors. This is God’s word to you:

“I’ve forged you in the fire to be a weapon of destruction. For the enemy intends to destroy those you love, but you have the power to stop the enemy in his tracks. I’ve given you a heart of compassion. I’ve given you the heart of a fighter. For every battle you faced, you overcame and defeated the devil.

Through the battles you won you became a double-edged sword. Now, it’s time you use all of your training for those you love. I never let you shy down from a fight with the enemy, and so too, I'm calling you to stand up once again. I never allowed you to accept the enemy’s works in your life, so why would you settle for his attacks on the lives of those you love?

No, My child. I’ve given you the sword and you're the warrior I’ve called. I’ve trained your hands for battle. Indeed, it was never for your own sake, but so that you would fight for others. So, stop looking for someone to take a stand, My child. You're the gift to My body. You're the gift to your family. You're the sword forged in fire. So, take a stand and put up your shield around your house. Shall you let the enemy walk into your home and have his way?

No, drive the enemy out, using the power you have in Me. Stand in My authority and fight off the enemy’s lies, My child. It's a lie that you must accept his circumstances. It's a lie, that it isn't your fight to fight. Take up the sword, get into the ring, and I'll go with you. I'm calling on the warrior. The time to fight and to win is now,” says the Lord.


  1. Where are your husband, children, or family member under attack?

  2. Ask God how to fight for them in the spirit, and in natural practical steps.

  3. Take up your sword and fight.

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