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Leap Into The Unknown And God Will Catch You!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

2 toddlers, 6 suitcases, and flight tickets.

That’s all we owned when we took a leap of faith to leave our country and immigrate. The Lord asked us the same question this prophetic word asks, “Do you trust me?” The journey shaped us and today, we get to serve you! You never know the doors that will open from a single step of obedience.

So be bold and take your leap of faith today!

Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Join Craig and I as we bring the Holy Spirit into the Marketplace with Dr. Steve Greene on the 25th! Click here for details!

Struggling with a Hard Choice? Then This Prophetic Word is For You! by Dalton Beckering

Today you stand before a cliff. Behind you is the "known". You are comfortable with it, understand it, and trust it. In front of you is the cliff's edge. It's so high up that clouds cover your view of the bottom. But over the edge, is every promise that God has ever given you. In the vast unknown, lies wisdom, revelation, and direction on how to build the kingdom of heaven. The Lord asks.. "do you trust me?".

Leap into the unknown! Abandon fleshly comfort and sacrifice your understanding for a greater reward. Your purpose is bigger than paying your next bill. You are a general in God's army and you need to fulfill your commands. Do God's will and trust His word over what you see. This is your command from God.

"Why do you trust your eyes over the promises I have given you? Haven't I told you I will provide? I am a good father and I know all the needs of my people. That is why I am telling you to act. Every obedience you do opens the door for another. Every prayer you pray for releases my favor. Or did you forget the anointing I placed on your life? You have my authority, and when you use it, my will happens in this earth.

You are my general. I trust you. I trust to see my people and to help them. I trust you to seek my face and receive answers. Because whatever you ask me for, I will not deny you. But I have plans in the season that I need to be fulfilled today. So do not wait, leave your comforts behind and follow me. Because where I lead you, not even the enemy can sabotage. No man can ruin it. Only I have domain over the area I want to give you.

So step up my warrior. Use your sword to defend my people and establish my work. You will have favor when you trust me and step out. Get your eyes on the bigger plan. See the move I am doing today. It requires each person in place to be effective. Know that my hand on you is as strong as ever and I have never left you. We are in this together, so let us build."

You have your orders. Go into the unknown today. Do the thing that scares you. Face the challenge that overwhelms you. Attack the problem at its source. Remember, this is your calling. Nothing can stop you once you leap in faith.

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