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Counter The Enemy’s Attack In Your Life Today And Gain The Victory

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

I hate it when someone tells me the next move in my game.

I’m one of those people that likes to figure the strategy out on my own! It’s the same when it comes to spiritual warfare. I hate it when the enemy dictates the next move I should make. Receive the prophetic word from today and allow it to shift your focus back into place. Don’t allow the enemy to push you around! Get back on track and WIN THE BOSS LEVEL! Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. God has every intention of blessing you at work! Bring the Holy Spirit into the Marketplace with Dr. Steve Greene on the 25th for our next SPONSOR ONLY EVENT. Click here for details:

Ready for the next level of warfare? This Prophetic Word is For You! by Chaifa Berry

Have you played the video game Pac-Man? As soon as you start moving your character towards the goal, the enemy sees your movement and comes after you.

It's the same when you make moves for God. The enemy sees your movements and launches distractions your way. You can't get distracted - you have to move forward.

Today the Lord reminds you to fix your eyes on His goals,

“My child, keep your eyes on the goal ahead. For as you fix your eyes and keep them engaged on the target, you will drown out the noise around you. For indeed, my vision and my goals keep you centered and the enemy at bay.

The key here is to keep your eyes locked on the prize of the high calling. Don’t lose your gaze and don’t look down or back. Keep your eyes fixed on the future vision and promises that I’ve given you child.

Once you step out on my instruction, keep focused on Me and you will finish the race. You'll cross over to a new territory and enter into a new glory. Your win will stay with you for the rest of the journeys ahead of you.

Then the same road that terrified you the first time, will be familiar and easy to navigate. As you step over this threshold, you build a bridge that you can continue to use in the future. You'll never have to build it again. So keep moving forward, and you'll cross the finish line to reach your promise, sooner than you imagined,” says the Lord.

Practical Project:

  1. What 3 goals has God set your eyes on? Identify a ministry goal, relationship goal, and business/finance goal.

  2. How well have you kept your eyes fixed on each goal? (1-10)

  3. Get your eyes fixed on the goals now. What are 3 things you can do right now, to move towards each one?

Check out for more!

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