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God Wants To Equip You With New Armor Today

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

There's always a new level to go in the Lord. Today the Lord promises to equip you afresh. You qualified child of God. Now go higher! You've prayed for more, and the Lord heard you! Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Craig and I will be in Houston Texas for the last week of April! If you are interested in meeting us and the Next Gen Prophets at our gathering, hit reply to this email and let us know! We'll get you hooked up!

This Prophetic Word is for seasoned spiritual warriors! by Anne Chen

When I prayed for you, the Lord showed me an image of a seasoned warrior who knew their way around the battlefield. It's good to have years of experience, but sometimes ways and habits that are reliable because they always worked in the past can also be the very thing the Lord will ask you to give up! Why? Jesus wants for you to go from glory to glory. Your years of service have earned you an upgrade, warrior. Allow Him to give you new weapons of warfare!

"My child, you come onto the battlefield with the weapons you've always used before. But, your sword is blunt from years of use. The handles are worn and there isn't much protection left in the armor that you wear. Don't be afraid, but take the time to surrender those tools to Me. Take the time to remove your armor and come to Me just as you are - the child and warrior I've called you to be.

As you step upon the new land I'm giving you, you won't fight the same battles. So, I'm giving you new weapons of warfare. The darkness will flee before you because I'll give you the greatest weapon of war - My love. I give you love that will lay your life down for those that don't deserve it. I'll give you love that will cover sin that others would turn from. I'll give you love to love the unlovely, the broken, and the unworthy. I'll give you the love to wade through the mire to rescue the weak and My love will be your sword to defend those who have lost hope.

Don't be afraid to put down your weapons of war that you've grown so familiar with. Your time on the battlefield has forged you into the vessel My people need today. Because I'm giving you My heart for My people, My love will make a way through the wilderness and free those who are bound. Let Me fill you and pour you out to My people. Take off all the clothes of the past. Allow Me to be your protector and the one to clear the way before you. So, surrender all that you had before and step into this new season armed with My love to pour out to My people."

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