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The Enemy Lied To You When He Said You're Not Worthy

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

This word is about to breathe some fire into your life. Yes, life is tough. Circumstances bring the worst out of you. What happened to you doesn't define you though. Today cling to who Jesus says you are. Stand in faith. Receive a conviction. Then... let's send the devil running shall we? Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Pick up your copy of Strategies of War and do some damage to the realm of darkness! Get it here:

Tired of the enemy's lies? This Prophetic Word is For You! by Chaifa Berry

Satan is the master of deception - the father of lies. He tells you who you are by stacking up evidence against you. You experience rejection, therefore you are less than others. The more you experience rejection, the more evidence he builds against you and the more you believe it. However, didn’t God say that His people live by faith and not by sight?

Then why have you believed in the lies that satan has created by sight? What you’ve experienced is what you've experienced. It isn't who you are. God desires you to believe the truth, so that you can experience the truth.

Your Father says to you:

“My child, when you look at your reflection, what do you see? Do you hear My voice speaking back to you, or is it the enemy's voice? For your entire life, your circumstances and what you see in the natural have shaped you. But, just because it has shaped you, doesn’t mean that it's who you are. For evidence stacks up against you and it says that you're less, you aren't worthy, for if you were, you would receive better treatment.

But, is it the truth, My child? It isn't what you see in the mirror. My world has never been gauged by what you see, but it's based on My word.

Indeed, I know that he is a master of disguise. He comes as a friend to your aid and by believing his lies, you start to protect yourself from being hurt and rejected. You’ve accepted a lesser portion of My blessing, so that you wouldn't face the rejection. It’s a ploy of the enemy. I don’t care what you feel, and I don’t care what experience has taught you. There is only one truth, and it's what I say about you.

You're My child, and you're strong. You're beautiful. You're unique and wonderful. You're valuable to Me, and I've made you a gift to the world. Throw off the cloak of disfavor and rejection, for the banner over you is love. Arise as My son and My daughter, seated on My throne. Be seated as I've made satan - your enemy - a footstool before you,” says the Lord.


  1. What bad patterns keep repeating in your life?

  2. What does GOD say you should be experiencing instead? (Get in the Word to find out!)

  3. Now, attack the evidence the enemy has been building up and debunk his case! Declare God’s Word over you or your circumstances!

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