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Take Off Saul's Armor And Receive A New Mantle

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

God calls you out today! It's not about how strong you feel, it's about how powerful God is. So as He opens the doors for you this week, walk through them! Face the battles. Confront the injustice. Win the war! Remember, you never fight alone because you got the King of Kings at your back! Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. If you need some punch to your spiritual warfare, pick up Strategies of War book. Get it here:

Feeling worn down by expectation? Then this Prophetic Word is For You! by Anne Chen

If you feel like you always have to measure up but are falling short, it could be because you are wearing Saul's armor. Let this word shed all that is weighing you down so you can be free to be like David to praise the Lord for who He has made you to be!

In the Bible, we see David as the mighty warrior who slayed Goliath, trained an army of mighty men, and became King of Israel. However, he didn't start off that way. He started off as a shepherd boy who was overlooked by everyone, including his family, shuttled off to the wilderness to hang out with sheep. But, God chose David as His warrior and king not because of what he could do, but because of his heart. It is the same with you! The Lord doesn't look at the outward appearance or the work of your hands. When He looks at you, He sees your heart. He sees what He made and sees it as good! I hear Him saying to you:

I have called you as My warrior who will conquer the giants in the land and I have chosen you not because you are pleasing to the eye or because of your great talents or skills. For I see your heart and that is why I call you to build My Kingdom. For I have called the heart of a warrior that belongs to Me and Me alone.

So, do not despise who I have made you to be but allow Me to strip off all the layers of armor that you put on to stand naked before Me. Allow Me to clothe you in My robes of righteousness and give you the weapons of warfare that were made just for you. Allow Me to put the armor on that you need to fight the battles I have positioned, equipped, and trained you for, to build up My church and bring My bride back into My arms.

So, do not look at what you lack, but lean on the strengths I have given you: a passion to serve me; a fire to change My church, and the desire for all to know Me and feel My love. Do not be afraid, My child, but leave behind all that you think you are and let Me show you the warrior I have called and whom I deeply love," says the Lord.


Take a hint from David and do the Praise Project! 1. Make a list of everything that makes you different and not fit in. 2. Praise the Lord for every single item on the list.

As you begin to praise Him, it will turn your perspective to His, and you will start seeing His hand in shaping you to be exactly the warrior He needs for such a time as this!

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