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You Need Wisdom For This Decision - This Is How To Get It

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Wisdom evolves.

When you get this powerful concept, you own the first piece of success. God’s been speaking to you every day, now read this word and put the pieces together. You aren’t lost. You're in God’s will.

Read the word and apply the simple project at the end - your success is right in front of you!

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Are you seeking wisdom for an important decision? Then this prophetic word is for you! by Chaifa Berry

Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? It’s a journey with many points. You start with a clue that leads you to the first point. Once there, you get another clue that leads to the next point, until you reach the end of the hunt. Often, there is a prize at each point in the hunt.

This is what it’s like to walk with wisdom. Wisdom leads you on a journey, and only once you’ve reached a point, will the next step unfold.

“My child, follow My steps and I will lead you in the way of blessing. Wisdom leads you down a trail and you just have to follow the trail. You don’t need to start a plan from scratch. Keep pressing forward and the plan will unfold. For as you complete one task, another one will unfold.

So don’t wait for the full picture, for it will not come. Don’t wait for understanding, for that is a reward only given later. The only way to success is forward and to take a step of faith.

As you venture out, follow the trail and follow My lead. See what fails and what succeeds, and follow the path which leads to more. The more you set sail, the more wisdom sparks and leads you down paths of blessing. I’m ahead and I lead you, child. Take your first step of wisdom and more will unfold,” says the Lord.

Practical Project: Embark on Your First Step of Wisdom

  1. What plans do you need to make? (Business/ministry/relationship - choose one)

  2. What is the Lord’s first step of wisdom for you?

  3. Without stopping to understand, do the step today.

  4. When you're done, take note of the next step of wisdom. (Look for opportunities for expansion, growth, or blessing)

Congratulations - You were led by wisdom.

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