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You Will Gain The Upper Hand Against The Enemy!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I fell pregnant at 20 and had no clue what it meant to be a mom.

The enemy filled my mind with thoughts of failure and fear. He had me convinced that I failed my kids and Jesus. That is what the devil does - he uses your fears against you! He knew something I didn’t - God called me to be a spiritual mom!

The enemy always attacks where God’s anointed you. Where did he attack you today? Bring today’s word into that situation.

Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. My book Strategies of War has been selling off the shelf this week - everyone is DONE with being beaten down. So pick up the book and your sword - get the victory. Get it here:

Has the enemy been attacking your weak spot? Then this prophetic word is for you! By Eloise Flanders

Have you been battling the same circumstances time and time again? The enemy knows your weaknesses and pokes at them to get you to react in the flesh. Child of God, you're on the wrong field.

Instead of running around in circles, here is a shortcut. Get off the enemy's playing field. You lived by satan's rules for a very long time. Your emotions and carnal wisdom were your compasses.

Those reactions had you right where the enemy needed you to do his bidding. Today the Lord wants to redirect your compass. He wants to give you a weapon of praise to confuse the enemy and get him on God's battlefield.

The Lord is saying to you...

"I have given you victory over sin and the works of the enemy. Nothing can overtake you unless you allow it. So don't walk around feeling sorry for yourself. Get up, dust off, and keep on walking.

You fell down a couple of times, so what? He used your fragility against you. Falling down says this is an area that is weak. Instead of hiding away from dealing with that thorn, wear it for the world to see.

Face your reality and rejoice in the blessing that it provides. Gather up your failures and hand them over to Me. Your affliction is an opportunity for you to stand in My finished work about you.

Soon you will no longer walk like a baby falling every couple of steps you make. You will be alert to detect circumstances that come up against you to cause you to fail. Rather you will face them with My banner over your head.

In this, my child, you will gain the upper hand against the enemy. Counteract your adversary with the fruits of the spirit. Respond with praise and self-control", says the Lord.

Check out for more!

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