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Take A Leap Of Faith This Week Without Fear Of Failure

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Shelve your fear this week and have faith again. Take that leap towards your vision and trust that God’s got this. Don’t allow the mistakes of the past to discourage you because they’ve been your teachers. The Lord will use everything for His glory. Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Grab your copy of Called to the Ministry to empower your vision. Know that you are called, set apart and chosen! Get it here:

Today's Word is for those who've been too afraid to move forward. by Chaifa Berry

Life teaches us that if you touch the flames on the stove you’ll burn. We don’t touch the stove anymore. We gain a healthy respect for fire, but it doesn’t mean we don’t learn how to cook, make dinner, or clean the stove. It just means, don’t do “that” again.

Why then, do we quit in our pursuits, after a burn? The Lord says that He will turn all things meant to harm you, for your good. Don’t stop pursuing your goals. There is nothing to fear…

“I set you out on a journey, my child. Though you may not always know what direction to take, my vision for you will not change. For just as you move towards the east, or west, north or south, so I set you in a certain direction.

For there are many paths and turns that you can make, but as long as you move towards vision, I can direct your steps. I can give you a shortcut and make a way through the wilderness. But, I cannot make a way, if you do not step forward.

Don’t be afraid to make a wrong move. It’s my delight to turn your wrong steps into my glory. When you think you fail, child, it’s then that I propel you forward. So don’t freeze with inactivity - keep moving. It’s for you to move and for Me, to direct your steps. But how can I direct no movement?

Ignore the fear of failure. Get up again and keep moving. For indeed, every time you take a leap of faith, I am there. I empower you to do what you cannot do on your own. When you step out of your comfort zone, child, that is when you see my power. When you move, that is when I guide you towards your goals. When you jump, that’s when I catch you. That’s when you move from one glory to another. I will direct your path, my child, take a step forward,” says the Lord.

Practical Project: Take a leap of faith, and watch God guide you.

  1. What promise/vision/goal has God given you?

  2. What is something NEW that you can do towards this goal/vision?

  3. Step out and do it and see how God moves.

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