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Has God Called You Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Sometimes the circumstances pressing in on us are a call out of our comfort zone. If this is happening to you - PRAISE THE LORD! The Father is shifting you! When we pray, the Lord begins rearranging our circumstances. It’s not always comfortable but it does line us up for success. So stop struggling. Embrace the shift. Step out of your comfort zone today in faith! Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Pick up Essentials for the New Move to receive an impartation of faith. Never feel uncertain of your direction again! Get it here:

This Prophetic Word is for those being called out of their comfort zones! by Anne Chen

It is never easy to leave your comfort zone. You feel vulnerable, unsure, and not confident about what you are doing. Each mistake stings because you risked a lot to walk into the unknown. Don't get discouraged! In faith, you have started something new. But you are not alone in your process. The Lord sees you and is proud of you.

"There's always a risk to leave what you knew behind. But, you've turned your eyes away from the old and focused your gaze on Me. You've reached out your hand for the promise of something new. So, though you find yourself tripping and falling at times, don't be discouraged.

When a child is learning to walk, there will be stumbles and falls. This isn't a sign of failure, but of courage and growth. This means you've left what's familiar behind. You're facing new challenges and are learning to navigate new territory.

So, walk in joy because every time you stumble, you'll feel My hand there to steady you. Each time you fall, I'll be there to dry your tears and give you My strength. My arms are always open to embrace you. I'm so proud of you. So, keep going and keep walking. Every step forward takes you further away from the past and toward Me and the blessing I've planned for you."

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