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See Immediate Results Today, When God Is With You

Updated: May 20, 2022

My 12-year-old, Michael, is a raging expressive just like me. He acts before he thinks. He’ll run with his dog on the beach, without realizing that the poor beagle is wrapped up in his leash and being dragged behind him! We are all a little like that when it comes to the Lord. We get so excited when He gives us direction that we just run! We drag the Lord along and then get shocked when things don’t work out as planned.

Today’s word will help you get results. The Lord wants to join you for this journey. He instructed you and now He wants to walk with you. If you follow this formula you can always expect success! Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Craig and I are excited to announce our first ever online Men's and Women’s events on 25th March. If you are a Kingdom man, Craig and the men of the Next Gen Prophets team will awaken your masculine identity, given by the Father. Link arms with like-minded godly men who are on the forefront of what God is doing in His Church. Registration begins soon so keep your eyes on your email to not miss the announcement!

This Prophetic Word is For You if You Are Seeking Success in Your Walk by Chaifa Berry

As I sought the Lord for you, I saw a person getting direction from the Lord, and once received, running off to do it. It seemed such a good picture... until I looked more closely and saw the Lord was left behind.

Today He beckons you to take Him with you along your journey. His word gives you direction, but His presence gives you power. He calls you to walk with Him:

“My child, there is more to running with Me than hearing My voice. You need My presence and power to go before you. For you’ve come to Me to get the next step in your journey, and every time you've received it. However, it takes more than getting direction from Me, to complete the mission that I’ve given you.

Look at Peter who received My word to walk on water, yet he sank. My word wasn’t enough, My child. He needed to feel My presence. He needed Me to take His hand and to walk with Him.

For My word is life, but when the winds and waves come, it will deter you from moving forward. Don’t you see that you need more than revelation? You need Me. I want to be by your side, when you step out on the waters. I want to be a part of every step you take.

I bring you safety that helps you overcome every roadblock. It's a relationship with Me that will get you through the storms. When you've spent time at My feet, and you feel My arms around you, you don't fear the winds and the waves. You need My presence, My child, just as much as you need My word. So, grab hold of My hands and share your burdens with Me. Share your struggles and let us collaborate.

Take the instructions I've given you. Take Me with you and you'll succeed. No matter what winds and waves may come, you won't deter until the mission is complete,” says the Lord.

Take a moment to feel the Lord’s presence right where you are. He knows every burden you carry. He is right there by your side. Take time to know the Lord and you'll succeed in what He’s told you to do.


  1. Gauge yourself between 1 - 10. How balanced are you in obeying His instruction and taking time to know Him? (1 being very unbalanced and 10 being completely balanced)

  2. Which side of the pendulum are you on?

  3. What can you do today, to bring balance between the two?

  4. Do it.

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