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Watch Out! The Enemy Is Trying To Trick You Into Getting Worried

Updated: May 20, 2022

Sometimes the enemy attacks us with tough circumstances. The worst attack though is the one on our minds. If he can convince you that you cannot cling to God’s promise, he has won the battle! Today is a reminder to recognize his tactics. Don’t doubt yourself. Pick up your sword of faith and fight! Love and blessings, Colette Toach

Are you battling the enemy in your mind, then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Eloise Flanders

Today the battlefield of the mind was intense. In the spirit, I saw you intently taking in information that has caused you to be paralyzed with doubt and fear. You've been more in tune with the works of the enemy than with your Savior. You've allowed your soul to be wrapped up in what the enemy is doing instead of what the Lord desires to do in this season.

I'm here to remind you that God is still on the throne and He'll never be defeated. I'm here to remind you that you're His and He's watching over you. Today, take a moment to praise Him in the midst of your circumstance. Take the license away from the enemy and give it over to the Lord once more.

The Lord is saying to you that you have the victory in Him.

"My child, I can see that you have allowed the things that are happening around you to take your eyes off Me. The care of the world has caused your faith to dwindle. Yet, I'm calling you to exercise your faith again. I'm calling you to take your eyes off the problems that surround you and to allow Me to give you My perspective.

In this world, there will be trials and the enemy will arrange circumstances to come up against you. Remember, you have the victory over it all. Take a moment and come to peace. Fix your eyes on what is good and acceptable to Me. The enemy wants nothing more than to have you worried and in despair. Don't allow his tactics to overpower you. Rather activate your faith and remove the doubt and tell fear it has no place in your life.

I've given you the power and My authority to speak to the mountains before you. My child, use that authority. There's warfare all around but it won't overtake you. Stand on My promises and declare your victory until it comes. Be encouraged that there's more standing with you than satan and his army. So, take up your sword and fight back.

Don't sit back and allow the enemy to have his way in your life. Call the problems in line and allow Me to restore what the enemy has come to destroy. Your faith will move mountains if you choose to get up and against it. Take hold of My word and speak it forth to create change. Tell the enemy he must leave. Rejoice in this fact that I have overcome the world and there's nothing too hard for Me," says the Lord.

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