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Jesus Sees You When No One Else Does

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

When the Lord refused to open ministry doors, I became frustrated with him.

For nearly 18 years, He asked Craig and me to produce materials and train our team. When we became content with this place, closed doors opened. Now I’m so grateful God didn’t release us into the fullness ahead of time!

Enjoy this season! While others don’t see your greatness, Jesus does! Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. Please forward this word to a friend. You don’t always need to have the right words to say. Sometimes you just need to click the FORWARD link to say, “I’m thinking of you!”

If you feel stuck in the wilderness, then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Eloise Flanders

The Lord showed me a vision of you as little David. Frustrated that others can't see you for who you are. They don't notice your strengths. You are eager to join the ranks of those out in the field doing the work that matters.

You think to yourself that lambs and slingshots are insignificant. You are saying to yourself no one sees the incredible things you can do. You feel strong fighting off the lions lurking around. But they don't care to listen.

They can't see what God sees you. He sees you as a strong leader in the making. While you look down on yourself as a weak little nobody, He has anointed you for the future.

The Lord is saying to you today…

"My child, it is not yet your time. People may see a weak child because they do not have eyes to see. I see a warrior. I placed potential in you hidden away from the eyes of men.

From My angel, you are set apart. You may be eager to show off your skills. But I am perfecting them away from the crowd. When the time is right you will be ready to stand before giants.

The enemy wants you to step out before you are ready. He wants you to go on emotions and pride. I have set you apart to increase your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. I arranged the circumstances that will help develop your gifts.

Do not rush ahead of Me to prove to the world what you have to offer. I will raise you up. When you are mature enough to step out, the people will be ready to receive your leadership.

So sit aside with Me. Discover your grace and nurture those gifts. Your future is secure. Many will reap the benefit of your obedience. Instead of focusing on the grander things you desire others to witness. Seize the moment of learning who you are in Me says the Lord."

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