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You’ve Been Trained For Greatness, Now Get Up And Conquer!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

It sure didn’t feel like “greatness” when we split with our spiritual father.

I was devastated but it positioned me to take on new tools. I learned to teach. I had no choice but to become a spiritual parent. Looking back, I wonder why I had such a fit.

How about you? Ready to learn something new? Then embrace your greatness - GET UP AND CONQUER!

Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. This one is for all my prophetic spiritual kids out there… arm yourself with Prophetic Boot Camp to discover the purpose for your process. Get it here:

Do you feel your questions going unanswered? Then this Prophetic Word is For You! by Anja Sager

Have you ever complained to the Lord, asking Him why you always have to take the difficult detour while others get to take the easy way and seemingly fly through every turn? Warrior of God, you're being trained for greatness. Where God is sending you, you need specific equipment. I pray that today's word brings you much joy! The difficult situations you're facing serve a great purpose.

"I've called you to climb mountains and conquer countries. I've called you to tread upon land where no one has stepped before. I've destined you to bring change in a system that isn't looking for the change I have in mind.

Don't complain if the training I'm taking you through doesn't look like the training I'm taking others through. In order to lift heavy weights and shoulder the responsibility I'm asking you to, you need stronger muscles.

For where you're going, you need armor that protects you against the enemy's fiery darts. You need a multitude of tools at your disposal that help you face the situations at hand.

Therefore, don't despise the times of training where I'm showing you how to yield each one of these tools with perfection. Take the time to gain equipment of great value. Don't run away from difficult situations but embrace the harder way. Just as gold is forged in the fire, so are your tools.

I'm forming a character in you, My child, that allows you to see situations differently. Where others see problems, you'll see solutions. Where others see no way out, you'll be able to show them one because you know that there's nothing that you couldn't accomplish with Me by your side. You're meant to create solutions to problems and see opportunities in chaos.

So, keep on pressing forward for I've given you everything you need to walk this road, My child. I'm proud of you."


Take a moment to adjust your perspective today. Do what you have to do to be able to apply what the Lord just told you whether this is... - stop fighting your current position. - letting go of frustration and bitterness. - letting go of envy, offense, and resentment. - etc.

Put all these things on the altar. Don't allow the enemy to entangle you in thoughts that hinder you to see the gold in your journey and distract you from what God wants to accomplish through you.

Then, look up and see the bigger picture. See the mountaintop where God is leading you, buckle up, strap your boots, take up your backpack, and embrace the challenge at hand.

As you do, you'll see solutions quicker than you thought.

Check out for more!

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