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Prophet, The Lord Has Positioned You. Now Dust Yourself Off

Updated: May 20, 2022

This call to action comes in the perfect time for you. Prophet - STEP UP! The Lord needs you. His Church needs you. I know how much you’ve been stripped. I know how much rejection you faced. None of it was in vain. The Holy Spirit will use everything the enemy used against you, to position you. You aren’t alone! We got you! Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. Are you one of our NextGen Prophet Tribe? Find out! Visit and decide if you are ready to join the ranks.

This is a call for you to partner with leaders around the world for God's will to be done. by Eloise Flanders

When I came to the Lord for a word for you today, He gave me this beautiful vision. You were sent out on an assignment as a skillful worker. In the vision, you were alert and aware of the enemy's devices. You went in and got the job done protecting many from falling prey to his exploits. You used every tool that was in your arsenal, dismantling his works, removing blockages, and paving the way so God's people could walk through.

Prophet, the Lord trusts you to get the job done. He has prepared you to go before His people to prepare the way. He has equipped you with all you need to tear down the works of darkness and build in their place a legacy for others to follow. You are making the way for the NextGen apprentices to continue building the kingdom. Do not take your responsibility lightly.

For some of you in the local church working alongside your pastor, the Lord expects you to point out the potential and nurture the sons of the prophets. For those of you working with apostles in the universal church, your function is to carry out the instructions of your apostle to establish their mandate. Many of you are in the workplace and you are wondering how you can fulfill your prophetic call there. The Lord has placed you to create opportunities to bring wealth to the body of Christ. Every one of you has been positioned with God's purpose in mind. The Lord is saying to you:

"My child, do not think you were accidentally given this position. I arranged the circumstances for you to stand here today. Not only will you gain the wisdom and skills to fulfill your call in these places of influence, but you will also create an environment for My body to thrive for generations to come. See that I have gone ahead of you leaving a track for you to follow. I set a plan in motion that won't only benefit you but also those who will come after you.

The work that I trusted in your care is one that will make a way for others. Do not think that this is just for you. Do not treat My assignment as a task that only benefits you. Understand that everything I have given you, and everything that I have allowed you to be a part of will be a stepping stone for My people. I am creating a way in the desert for My church where there was none before, and you are the vessel I chose to do so. Look around you for the areas where you can bring change. Open your eyes and ears for opportunities in your local church to flourish. Look out for places you can be of influence for those in the universal church and those who are coming up in the marketplace.

I am building something that will remain and you are a part of My master plan. If you are not sure what to do, whom you should connect with, or where you should focus next, come into My throne room for instruction. I will reveal My plan to you one step at a time. All you need to do is be open to hearing Me speak to you in more ways than one. There is much work to be done, My child. So, take your eyes off yourself and allow Me to give you direction that will no doubt be known as My work being established."

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