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Overwhelmed With the New Year?

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are already into the first week of the year and I am pumped for what we have to share with you over the next weeks! This word today is a quick encouragement to get up, press on and to expect God to show up!

Never forget that Craig and I, along with our team of prophets are here to equip, support and motivate you in your calling. There is a lot to do in the months ahead and it helps to remember that… we will do it TOGETHER!!

Love and blessings

Colette Toach

P.S. For those who could not make it to our live meeting for God’s Word for 2022 there is GOOD NEWS! The recording is now on YouTube. CLICK HERE to listen:

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the new year then this word will put you right on track! By Austin Toach

During this first month of the year, I tend to do two things: Firstly, I look back at the last year and everything that did and didn't get completed. Secondly, I look forward to what’s to come. Usually, these two acts would end up making me feel pretty overwhelmed because I worry that last year's tasks would either just pile on this year's tasks, or they would just be dropped forever, never to be completed. However, this year was different. During our God’s Word for 2022 meeting, the Lord showed us that we don’t need to be overwhelmed by this feeling. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed looking at the new year, then this is what the Lord has to say to you:

“My child, I know what you left behind in the last year, but do not let it weigh you down. My instructions do not end with the end of a year, and what I have ordained for you. I will let you know when it is over. So, do not worry or look back, for what I have for you to continue I will bring to your focus, and what I have to bring you anew, I will do in My time. I am not a God who will overwhelm you, but I will give you a yoke that is easy and light.

My child, this year that is ahead is one that I have been preparing you for. So, step forward in confidence that I have made you ready. Know that when I come to give you something new, it is a sign that the old has been completed. Keep your hands ready to receive, My child, for you will be like a wheel for the water, keeping the cycle and the flow steady.“

So, in these crucial and precious few first weeks of the year, I want to help you prepare for the year ahead instead of letting it overwhelm you.


1: Take a look at some of your journals from the last year and make note of any promise or task that has not been completed yet.

2: Take those promises and tasks and

bring them to the Lord again and refresh your instruction for them.

3: Be open to hearing which promises and tasks the Lord is telling you are complete and let go

Check out for more!

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