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Your Writing Will Change The Course Of History

The saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword!”, stands true more than ever. However, it depends on the skillset of the one wielding it. In the hands of David, his sword slayed ten thousand, and history was made. Your writing has the power to change the course of history, through the ideas, and truths deposited into your readers!

Today the Lord challenges you to go higher in your skillset. Together you will set His people free!

Ending Note:

To all the Apostles out there, Colette and I know, the road you walk daily. Let us help you succeed, join our Apostolic Mentorship Program event.

Your Writing Will Change The Course Of History

By Dalton Beckering

Today's Word is for those gifted to write for the Lord, this is your calling to use what the Lord has given you!

Dear writer,

The best writers have the greatest struggle.

As you write I see your frustration. You look at yourself and wonder if you’re good enough. You think you must have heard God wrong about starting a book or being more active online. But you heard God right, this fight is normal and more important to your process than you know. This is God’s word for you.

“Many of my authors stayed up in the midnight hours wondering if they were speaking my words correctly. They were frustrated that they couldn’t say it better. They doubted their call to speak my words. But that’s the path that I needed them to walk. It’s the same with you.

You think you will write from your strength, but you are incorrect. You will write from your experience. Your words will become more powerful as the useless ones fall away. Your ability to connect with people will become stronger as you let go of what you think is important.

My child the struggle you feel is letting go of what you want and embracing what the people need. The writer you desire to be and the one I need you to be, do not match up. I am calling you to be bold and to say things others will not. I am calling you to lay aside your opinion and speak the truth. But you cannot write from a perspective you do not have.

That is why a shift happened in your life recently. I hold you accountable for what you say. You will not share lightly. You will not speak carelessly. I hear your prayers about making every word count, this is what the process looks like. So, stop complaining, stop crying, and rejoice. For in your struggle, you sound more like me and less like the writer who first started this journey. You are my writer, and I will use you to say many things that my people have prayed to hear. Don’t give up, I have anointed you and called you to this purpose”

As a writer myself, I know the struggle you face. All I can say is, embrace the challenge and grow! Your teachings can inspire for a minute or remain for eternity. It all depends on diligent and determined you are.

For help on how to be a better writer, join the Community of Apostles and Prophets. Christian writers share their works all the time. Allow them to inspire you and steal some ideas for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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