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Your Wilderness Season Is Over - You're Ready To Build!

You have a choice to make. You could stay the person you are... or you could shift. What’s it going to be? Defeated or victor? Follower or leader? Today’s word from Prophet Anne comes with an invitation. Step across the threshold between wilderness and Promised Land today.

Ending Note:

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Your Wilderness Season Is Over - You're Ready To Build!

By Anne Chen

Today's prophetic word is for those who have been discontent with who they are and are ready for change! This is your invitation!

After 40 years in the desert, Moses became content with being a shepherd. But God never forgot what He called Moses to do. Moses needed his wilderness season to become the deliverer God called him to be.

You may be content with where you're at, but God hasn't forgotten who He's called you to be. Your season in the wilderness is over! God is calling you out to build His Kingdom. Have the courage to step away from what you know into what God knows about you.

"My child, the crossroad you face today is your opportunity to leave the person that you were in the past. You've been in the wilderness for so long that you don't recognize what you've overcome. Every choice that you made shaped your character. You've walked through fire that burned away the dross that held you back. You've remained in my hands through every difficulty and challenge. Because of your obedience, I've shaped you into the vessel that my people need.

I'm calling you out of the wilderness to build my Kingdom. I have given you eyes to see, my heart to love, and the capability to build according to the blueprint I’ve placed in your heart. I've arranged your circumstances to align with my purposes and my will. It's now for you to take the step forward into the future I've planned for you.

So leave your worries and doubt behind like old clothing you've outgrown. Your season has changed. Walk forward into the call and mandate I have given you with confidence. Beloved, my church is ready for you!"

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