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Your Vulnerability Is Beautiful

My youngest daughter Rebekah gave birth to our third grandchild 3 weeks ago. I’ve been helping her recover and of course… steal every moment I can with little Atticus Kai. We had a mom-and-daughter moment when she showed me all the stretch marks on her tummy from the pregnancy. She beamed and said, “Look! My mommy tummy! These are my memories of my son.” Just beautiful.

Your Vulnerability Is Beautiful

By Chaifa Berry

Today's Word is for those feeling rejected and insecure!

The world teaches us to hide our scars. However, they’re the sign of our journey. They shaped us. They are part of our character. They hold the beauty of the process. Embrace the beauty of your process today.

“My child, the trials you faced do not count against you, but arm you to help others. It takes much opposition and many enemies to make a warrior. It takes many battles to make a conqueror. So why are you ashamed of the battles you’ve faced? It is because you’ve seen many battles, that you stand as my warrior.

Every affront of the enemy has shaped you to be the well of living water that I’ve called you to be. It's because you were pressed down, but could not be shattered that you are who you are. It is because you reached out to me and bounced back that you’ve come to discover the strength you’re made of. My child, embrace your sufferings, for it’s these things that I want to use.

It’s not strengths that make you valuable to me. It’s your weakness. It’s your vulnerability, your flaws and the battles you’ve faced, lost and won, that I want to use. It’s in your weakness, that I am made strong. It’s in your time of need, that others can see Me through you. You are mighty, through battle. But it’s the battles that have made you mighty so do not despise them.

Use your scars to heal others. Show them the way to their victory, just as you have found yours. Be a light in the darkness, as I was for you. For that is how you turn what the enemy intended to harm you with, for My good purpose,” says the Lord.

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