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Your Travail Is Over, Now Birth the Next Prophetic Move!

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I was at the birth of all four of my children. It was not a gala event by any means. But it was an exciting culmination of a journey that started 9 months prior. It was also the first time I got to hold my child alone, to appreciate the precious gift in my arms.

As one called to spiritual birthing, you faced a lot. You even wondered if you could carry through to term. All along the Lord Jesus, was by your side. Today He takes your hand and says, “It’s time to meet your precious gift!”

Ending Note:

Do you know the difference between Prophecy and decree? What is Spiritual Birthing and are you destined to be one? Colette’s video… Prophecy, Decree, and Spiritual Birthing have the answer you seek.


Your Travail Is Over, Now Birth the Next Prophetic Move!

By Dalton Beckering


Today's Prophetic Word is the prophets in the middle of spiritual birthing the next prophetic move!

The Lord gave me a vision for you. I saw your life as an open field. Every day, He broke ground in you. He planted seeds and arranged the people who needed your fruit.

As clouds formed above you, a storm began to brew. I could tell heavy rain was about to pour. Then I heard the Lord say, “Prepare for My anointing."

His message to you today is:

“Forget your worries. Forget your cares. They mean nothing in the season ahead. I am transitioning you out of your normal where anxiety will have no effect. Get your eyes on the bigger picture, My child. And prepare for My anointing.

You have asked of Me and completed every task I’ve given you, but the circumstances were not ready. But now, I will pour My spirit upon you to take you to the next level. Expect a spiritual promotion. Expect doors to open. Expect your prayer times to look different.

I’m raising you up, not because of what you’ve done, but because I need you to stand in the gap and release My anointing. Prepare yourself. Because with this anointing comes more assignments and more responsibility to serve. But I will take care and guide you to be effective every day.”

God deems you ready for more! As your prepare for the next level of anointing, close the open doors to the enemy. You can't afford to be distracted. Give your very best to the Lord and thrive.

Thanks for reading!

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