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Your Struggle Today is Going to Change Someone's Life Tomorrow!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

What you have gone through has purpose. In fact, the Lord is going to take every last attack, rejection and hurt and turn it around for His good. I pray that by the end of this message you have come to peace with your process. Shake off those lies! You got this! Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. Spread the love! Forward this word to someone who needs to hear these words from Jesus today.

If you are wondering what the purpose of your struggle is, then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Kelli Dorries

The very thing we're called to do is to set the captives free, but in doing that, we had to get free ourselves first, and so we began a journey with the Lord that exposed the things in our foundation that the enemy could use to hinder us and to keep us from our purpose. The Lord reminded me that the enemy never gives up, but when He does a work, He does it well, and to stand in those victories with the renewed strength and purpose to our calling that the enemy can't shake. The Lord says to you:

"My child, I have called you to a high-ranking position that requires a force of strength, boldness, and courage. I forged these in you at your conception, and even though you've had your doubts, I have turned your ashes into a beauty to accomplish that which I’ve called you to be. I know what hurt is and the sting of rejection because I lived and died as a man to bring you through, and I know each hurt, every insecurity, and the fear you have faced, but My love has and will always bring you through to victory. Don't look back on your past, My child. They're the whispers of old lies from the enemy that tries to hold you back. I have given you new perspectives and understandings that have restored your strength, boldness, and courage to yield a mighty and sharpened sword. Go forward on the path that I have set you upon, and relish the victories where you overcame with Me, for this is your very strength and the place you fight and conquer with today.

So, as you stand, My child, look into My eyes, and you will see as I say to you, well done my good and faithful servant, I know I can count on you, for I have given you a firm foundation and forged you into a mighty warrior for My bride, and you have what it takes to fight and see her through."


Pick out a few Scriptures that speak into your spirit where the enemy is coming against your purpose, ministry, and destiny.

Write them on a small notecard and keep them with you until you have memorized them. Begin declaring those Scriptures into your life, purpose, ministry, and destiny, especially when you hear the accusations of the enemy, and he will flee from you.

Praise the Lord for your victories and stand on them. In doing this, you're standing on the firm foundation the Lord has placed you on and declaring your identity in Christ, and the enemy can't steal that from you.

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