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Your Season Is Changing. Do You Have The Right Gear?

What was I thinking wearing jeans to a 4-foot-deep snow stroll in the Swiss alps? It took only a few minutes for me to be cold, wet, and miserable. Clearly, my choice of clothing was completely wrong. In my defense, I never experienced this type of environment before. It never happened again!

Season change in the spirit too! Are you going to be a greenhorn like me, or the experienced hiker ready for anything?

Ending Note:

Colette and I love this time of the year! Have you followed us on Facebook? See everything we got up to!

Your Season Is Changing. Do You Have The Right Gear?

By Bethany Sealy

Today's Word is for everyone in transition, this is your time to prepare!

Today's word is for you if you've been given a vision or assignment from the Lord, but with every step you've taken to start, you're met with closed doors, opposition, frustration, and disappointment.

The Lord encourages you today. Don't give up and don't doubt God's faithfulness to see you through. He says to you,

"I know you see yourself ready to go. I know that you see yourself dressed, equipped, and prepared for this journey. You have prepared and travailed for what the journey might look like ahead of you.

But the vision you have is the not picture I have given you.

For where you see ahead is smooth and straight, the mountain I am calling you to climb is steep and uphill. The gentle breeze you’ve enjoyed in seasons past is being replaced by stronger winds and colder climates.

There are seasons of change required to prepare you for the place I am taking you. There are storms you must face and challenges you must overcome to prepare for this vision. The clothes you have worn in past seasons have been tailored for that climate, but now you must put on the garments of the new season and dress for the climb ahead.

Do not be discouraged by this change, for it’s in the change that you see where you have qualified to make this climb. With every challenge you overcome, you will receive a piece of the picture I am adding to you, says the Lord."

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